Day 1 of Huel, thoughts Observations

I know people have posted similar topics, but I’m going to throw my input out there. After 2 weeks of waiting(first one got lost by FedEx(wish they would dump FedEx), I received my first Huel order, version 3.0. I’ve already read through a number of the topics on here so I won’t get too too deep into it, but, attempt number one was with 2 scoops of the new salted caramel flavor and the recommended amount of water. It was… way too thick and clumpy despite RIGOROUS shaking. I almost threw up chugging the first one, and when I say chugging, I mean get it down any way it would go. Lots of clumps. I bought one of those battery powered mixers off amazon as a result shortly after downing that one(as mentioned in another topic on here about clumpyness). Two scoops made me feel super full, and the goal is to split it into 6 meals so for the most part I won’t be drinking the 2 scoops at the same time. The second time I loaded one scoop of the berry flavor and half of the recommended amount to compensate for the single scoop. Almost immediate vomit, the berry flavor, not that good. That was when I decided that the consistency was a large factor in me feeling like hacking it up, so I added about 30% additional cold water to the mix. I was able to drink that comfortably, granted, the flavor, still not the best. Later that night I booted up the savory version. Complete no go for me. Don’t like the taste, consistency, prep, none of it. Needless to say I won’t be ordering any more savory. Tomorrow I will go the entire day on Huel(probably) from breakfast on. I have everything set up and ready to go, shakers, cooled water, measurements, etc. We’ll see how it pans out. The cons were obviously the taste and consistency, granted with tweaking I think most people can get the consistency to something they will tolerate. The pros were that it’s super filling, 400 calories and it feels like I ate an entire pizza, no more. Stuffed. Also, the energy levels were pretty stable on it, so having complete nutrition already worked out for you is a huge plus, probably the biggest plus. We’ll see how it works out from here.

It’s interesting that you (and others) feel full on 400 calories (2 scoops) - that wasn’t my experience, I needed to go to 3 scoops (600 calories) to feel like I ate anything at all! (600 cals is about right for me especially since I only eat 2 meals a day, so that works out.)

Right now I’m on day two and the first day of eating only HUEL exclusively. I managed to make it through on 1600 cal or eight scoops. Those were split into single scoop shakes throughout the day. I need to work on the timing so that the energy levels are correct. Towards the end of the day the intervals are closer to two hours. At the beginning of the day though I am pretty sure that I need to be downing one scoop at minimum every hour until one or 2 PM.

Another casual observation, the RTD is significantly smoother and easier to drink than the powder. It would seem that if you could afford it, that’s basically the way to go. It’s similar in taste and consistency to something like Ensure or Boost.

I recommend a nutribullet blender.

I got one of the hand mixers from Amazon that someone on this forum mentioned.

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3 days in. All huel and one meal for dinner yesterday. Observations for today include more usage of the hand blender. I’ve found that if you blend everything in the morning, it keeps for the whole day without need for all the blending mechanisms in the blender bottle including the ball and the grate at the top. I have also added tums chews that also handle gas to cover the ridiculous amount of fiber and the huel rocketing through your system. Yesterday I had a lot of stomach(more colon) problems and some nausea. The couple tums seem to have solved that. Part of it might have been the blending. Either way, feeling pretty good. I’ve lost a few pounds already. Currently consuming somewhere between 1400-1600 calories a day. One scoop(200cal) per meal, 6-7 times a day. I have also learned that staggering the timing helps get me energy in the morning, and keep it even keel throughout the day. So early on it’s a meal every hour then it goes to two hour intervals. My last meal is usually between 7pm and 7:30.

What brand of mixer did you get? And how difficult is it to clean?

@KellyMc It’s this one that was recommended by another forum member. It’s rinse off easy to clean. WAAAY easier than dealing with an actual blender or nutribullet. It’s just a cheap one that came off of Amazon, but it really does the job.


Hey @macrobano,

So stoked that you have immediately dived into your Huel journey!

Really impressed with all of your experimenting and self-awareness of how your own body operates, especially in terms of the desired energy levels you want from your food!

If you don’t mind, I would love to give you some pro tips to make your Huel Journey a little bit more pleasant and effective?

  1. In terms of how you are making your Huel, keep on experimenting with the liquid levels. Everyone enjoys their Huel differently and it is important to find out how you like it and what works for your body!
  2. I respect your desire to get into Huel so quickly, but we typically recommend that you start off having one Huel a day your first week and move up to two your second week(and so on and so forth) just to give your body time to adjust to the fiber in Huel. As you are a legend and have already mostly gone 100% Huel, just listen to your body. Perhaps ease your way back onto Huel, maybe continue having two shakes a day but still one solid meal just to kind of click the reset button. Then the following week you can eliminate that one solid meal if you wish, but remember variety is the spice of life :wink:
  3. In terms of taste, there are a few ways you can mix up your Huel and make it taste more to your liking! One big pro tip I have is trying to make Huel with your favorite plant milk(I personally love to make mine with almond milk😋). Making it with plant milk will give you that creamier consistency you desire that RTD has!
  4. Always remember, if you are not enjoying any flavor of Huel you have tried out or feel something is wrong with it, feel free to drop us an email at

So excited to have you as a Hueligan and as a member of our forum :muscle:

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@Maksim_Huel I’ve pretty much gleaned all of that information off the forum already. By day 3 or so my body was mostly adjusted to the fiber intake.

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Glad that you are perusing the forum regularly and happy to hear that you are all set and adjusted :raised_hands:


I hear you re clumping when you use the shaker bottle. It is a problem for me too, and I am still not sure why it seems to clump up some days, but not others. It may be connected to water and ambient temperature - it seems to clump a little more when it is warm. However this is more a minor annoyance than a serious problem. The clumps do not taste bad, and as others have pointed out, a blender would fix it. I don’t want to have to wash a blender, tho - I want it to blend well in a shaker.

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I use a hand blender which requires almost no cleaning, just a rinse off. In fact, removing the grate and ball from the equation nets me even less stuff to clean. Zero clumps. And yes; the clumps are tolerable, but not desirable.


I have been using a nutribullet. It’s pretty easy to clean. I just rinse the blade with hot water after each use and run the cups through the dishwasher. If I make all my huels for the day and set them in the fridge I only have to rinse the blade once and I can take them anywhere later. It doesn’t take much to open the nutribullet lids with the cap, so I recommend a different cup for travel.

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@macrobano How long are you planning on doing (what sounds like) the Huel only experiment, and what are your goals of doing so? How was the salted caramel flavor?

@UniqueMT-BC The time length is indefinite. I’m not on Huel only, I’m about 90 percent Huel with the occasional regular meal. My goals are to eat more healthy nutritionally balanced meals as well as eat significantly more often. Salted caramel is probably the best flavor, granted none of them really taste fantastic. For me it’s Salted Caramel > Vanilla > Berry > Savory Huel(inedible to me).

9 days into it I’ve worked into a system. Everything is on timed intervals. I’m eating dinners on occasion, usually when my activity level is super high and I need the calories, but so far going really well. I haven’t eaten anything sweet or sugary since starting so that’s great. Tried the vanilla and it’s not my favorite. Salted Caramel is probably the best at this point. Currently using the hand blender and prepping all Huel in the morning and that seems to be working out.


20 days in. I’ve kept off a solid 8 pounds and have started to gain muscle weight(part of the plan). So my weight has stayed somewhat steady, but I’m getting noticeable physical gains. I recently started to see definition in my obliques, which I usually only get when I’m in crazy good shape. I’m also somewhere around 80-90 percent Huel, 10-20% regular meals. I usually eat a solid meal once every two days or so for dinner. I’ve gotten to the point where I can dial in how much extra Huel I need to fuel rigorous activity. Also I’ve gone from 6 meals a day to 8. Basically I only eat one scoop at a time, 8 times a day. I have it on a timer, so when it goes off, I eat. I do not eat when I’m hungry, I eat when the timer tells me to. At the rate I’m going through the powder I will be tapering the subscription because I didn’t know how much I would go through in a month. As it stands it looks like 5 or 6 bags, but that will become more apparent as time goes on. I did not want to run out of Huel mid-month and have to re-calculate things. All in all, so far so good. Gravitating away from vanilla though, it just doesn’t taste good to me. Tolerable enough to finish the bags, but after that it’s a no go.


Also as an added side note, the RTD gives me more stomach problems and indigestion than the straight powder. After this month I will nix any RTD from the mix.