Weightloss Journal

My first Huel day was 03/31/2018. I’m drinking 500 calories of Huel and allowing about 121 calories of other food in the day. 621 Total for a day with no exercise. My starting weight is 146 pounds and I’m a 5’ 2" tall, 27 year old female. Mother of a 3 year old. My goal is to drop 26 pounds to be at my per-pregnancy weight.

3/31/18 The first day I had Huel and a small can of pineapples plus 2 empanadas when I got home (Walked 5 miles at work, 12 hour shift, on a hot day while wearing a bullet proof vest. The vest doesn’t breath well so it was a workout )

4/1/18 (Easter) The 2nd day I skipped Huel but kept my other calories under 621. I ate 2 mini chicken quesadillas from Taco Bell (200 calories each) and 2 cans of sparkling juice (50 calories each) and half of a Jr sized Wendys fry (about 115 calories) Total calories = 615 (Off from work)

4/2/18 Today is my third day after starting this. I’m having Huel and a small can of pineapples again. (Work consisting of sitting at a computer for 10 hours)
~Update~ Caved in at night and ate a can of tuna with nothing added to it and some imitation crab. Wasn’t starving but was a little hungry.

Taste Very much like drinking thin oatmeal. I hate oatmeal but drinking this is do-able. Cappuccino flavoring with unflavored Huel smells nice but has no added flavor. Vanilla is lightly vanilla tasting but all are decent enough to drink. I’m not on Huel for the taste so its not a big issue. I make my Huel the night before work and put it in the fridge until morning. I’ll weight myself on the 7th.

4/3/18 Day 4. I’m having Huel, 2 cups of black coffee with no sugar ( I work very early mornings) and a small can of pineapples again. (I keep my Huel the same daily,3 scoops of Huel and 16-20 ounces of water. I make one shaker of it and drink it throughout the day) -10 hour work day mainly sitting at a computer.
~Update~ I was staaaarving when I got home. Stomach burning and growling. I was giving myself pep talks on how to ignore the hunger. I eventually caved and ate a chicken enchilada my parents brought over. I should have eaten something healthier, I know, but if you grew up in a hispanic house you know the struggle. On the bright side it was only about 283 calories which is less than some subway 6 in sandwiches both which contain flour, vegetables and meat. The Huel calculator said the 621 calories would be a good number for me to lose 2 pounds a month but Im thinking it might be too little for me. Maybe I just need to adjust. I will think over what to change so I don’t get that hungry again.

***Food Cravings. I don’t have intense Fast Food cravings but I am struggling when at home. Like if I’m making my daughter a plate of salmon and sweet potato’s or my sister cooks amazing food and brings some over for my family and I’m the only one who has to hold back from eating while everyone else digs in. That’s the roughest part for me. I’m not looking to be a diet master after this, just want to drop the 26 pounds and learn to eat in moderation when I bring regular meals back into the schedule so that I don’t gain them back.I know if I cut out the foods I enjoy completely I’ll cave in after a few days and eat an insane amount of fast food and not be able to get back on track until months later. Been there, done that, doesn’t work for me. I think dropping the weight then eating in moderation is what will work for me. Still deciding if I’ll keep Huel as part of my diet after the weight is lost.

4/4/18 Day 5. I’m having my 500 calorie Huel throughout the day and 2 cups of black, no sugar coffee. Today I brought tuna as my snack for lunch(eating it straight out of the can, nothing mixed in and no bread.) I need to think of a specific acceptable thing that I can allow myself to eat when home but I’m not sure what. Possibly will pick up some celery and carrots on the way home so I can snack on those when I get hungry.

If you are hoping to lose weight I would suggest dramatically changing the actual food you are eating. Huel has quite a few carbs, but they are healthy (especially the fiber) and it’s not heavy on the sugars. I mean, I myself love pineapple but it is loaded with sugars. Not trying to burst your bubble…you’ll lose weight with that level of calorie restriction (621 calories is super low) in either case. However, the empanadas, the french fries, and the quesadillas have so many carbs from white flour and potatoes, you are doing yourself a disservice.

Just my opinion, and definitely not a judgment- it’s just that I think you would be better off eating 1000 “natural” calories (for example). I suggest adding in more veggies/lower GI fruits, or protein rich choices (hard boiled eggs or tuna), to your 600 or so calories. I suspect you’d feel better for it also.

I know everyone is different, and I have more to lose than you do, but I lost 6 pounds in 7 days doing Huel for breakfast and lunch (2 scoops each), with a sensible dinner, and quite a bit of water throughout the day. Best of luck to you! Keep us posted!