Personal "Huel Challenge"

So I’ve been using huel for a few months now for breakfast and lunch during the week. However I want to lose weight and get healthier. Try to eat healthy in a grocery store is way to expensive. I’m attempting a month long Huel only (breakfast lunch and dinner) no outside calorie diet. After talking with a medical professional we’ve decided on a 1200 calorie diet with exercise, bicycling and walking. Yesterday was Day 1, weighing in at 241.2 lb. I just want to see what I can do for myself and ultimately my wife and kids. Any advice or encouragement is appreciated.


That is great @Mdskizy! Always nice to see someone starting a rewarding journey. However, consuming only 1,200 cal. per day and having Huel be the only source while exercising sounds incredibly difficult. I would recommend developing a routine for yourself and getting an accountability buddy to increase your chance for success. Wishing you all the best!

@Mdskizy How did your monthlong challenge go? I’m thinking of doing the same.

How wonderful for you! I just recently ordered Huel Wednesday (6/20) and just checked my account…and…my Huel will be delivered today! I am so pumped to get started. I had a Doctor’s appointment last Thursday and we discussed Huel as well. I had printed the nutritional information and took it with me. Just a quick note, I am a Type 2 Diabetic with HBP and High Cholesterol / Triglycerides. My problem is genetic, and so I have been fighting these problems since I was 15. Nevertheless, my doctor was encouraged by the nutritional content and we have a plan similar to yours, with the exception of different shake at night. 1200 calories a day for me as well! Keep us posted on your progress and I’ll do the same!


I have been doing something similar recently, but found that it’s very hard to maintain if you’re just using the powder.

The granola and bars help to break things up a bit and have many of the same benefits.

I found in the end that even with the bars and granola I needed something extra to make it sustainable, as I was often feeling faint and finding the huel sickening. Having one meal of actual food on each weekend day helped, even though they were under 500 calories and an extra banana each day during the week stopped the faint spells.

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@Mdskizy @nmgal67

Hey guys! How’s your 100% Huel challenge going?

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