Ive started my journey

So ive started my Huel journey. 1500 calories a day allowance. Im 5’5, 213.6 at the moment. Trying to drop to 165.

Im replacing breakfast and lunch with Huel and having a clean healthy dinner. Toughest parts are nights because thats when I did alot of garbage eating. Wish me luck. I feel good after 2 days but i can tell my body isnt used to it.


Best of luck! Weekends are my hardest; so tempting to snack the days away when I’m at home with my daughters.

That is awesome @Jeremy_Riter! I have been replacing 1 or 2 meals a day with Huel for a little over a week now. The first several days I experienced some horrid flatulence, but I was aware that might happen. All is good now as long as I have healthy meals when not consuming Huel. Like you I’m also using Huel for weight loss. I’m happy to report that by using Huel and being mindful of my other meals I’ve lost a bit over 2lbs in my first week! I’m 5’10" and was 215lbs when I started. I got on the scale this morning and weighed 212.6lbs. My calorie limit is 1,750 and I only exercise lightly right now. Stay diligent and consistent and I’m sure the pounds will melt away! Remember weight loss is a marathon not a sprint. My weight goal is 185lbs and my plan is to lose 1.5 to 2lbs per week. This means I’ll get to my goal weight in 40 to 54 weeks. It took a couple years to gain this weight so I know it will take time to lose it!

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Awesome to be on a journey to better health!

To throw in a comment … if I lose another 50 pounds I will be right where you two are now! You are smart to get ahead of things for sure. As long as you keep moving forward you have to get where you are going at some point!!!

Way to go @Jeremy_Riter ! I’m doing the same method you are (shake at breakfast, one at lunch, then clean dinner). You’re right–avoiding snacking in the p.m. is tough for me, too. I’ve ended up chewing sugarless gum when I get the snack munchies, just to give my mouth something to do, and frankly occasionally I’ll allow myself an apple if it gets reallllllly bad…I’d rather cheat just a tad with an apple than let it spin out of control and succumb to cookies or worse (my philosophy). I’m down 10 lbs in about 2 months, so it’s slow but steady. Keep up the good work…we can do this!

Today is 9 days in. After a little indulgence for mothers day w/ the wife im down 3 lbs. Being hungry at night is still an issue so ive started doing 300 cal for breakfast and 500 for lunch allowing more room for healthy calories for dinner/in the evening.