Weight Loss Journey

Please let me know if anyone is interested in updates on a journey. My last scale broke by water damage a month back but I could post pictures.

Start weight: 215-220 lbs


Go @Emmanuelle!

We’re all rooting for you!

Same here. Huel order shows up Friday. Not worried about taste or texture. Long time protein maker/drinker. Excited for the adventure!

Starting weight 260. Target weight 210.
Wish me luck please and kick me in the arse when I don’t make progress. :slight_smile:
Plan is to substitute two meals a day with Huel, enjoy one meal with my family at night before 6pm.
About to do a round the world trip mostly in India and tired of gaining weight when I’m traveling… Huel is hopefully the answer.
Exercise at least 4 days a week including running, riding, lifting and skiing.
Here we go.


That’s so awesome, Kirk! Take Huel with you on your trip! And by that I mean, the Huel team. :joy: Sounds like it will be an amazing journey for you in many ways. Keep us posted!

I would be interested in hearing your progress as well.

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We don’t know if you are or are not making progress if you don’t post any updates… nudge, nudge.

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Crazy busy.
So far no weight loss. Learning how to eat Huel. Probably sounds funny, but it does take a little adjustment. I like hot food and so when I replace with Huel, I miss the savory aspect of meals. So, I’m learning how to get satisfied with just a drink.
Flavor: It’s growing on me. If you like oatmeal, I would think you’d like Huel. I don’t, but for the purposes of eating clean I’m learning to like it. I’ve eaten Huel with a little cinnamon and vanilla. I like that.
I also eat it with chocolate protein, that’s my favorite so far. Mixing with ice is a good thing. I’m not having any problems with texture. Just important to mix well.
This week I’m going to start actually replacing meals with Huel. Let’s see how it goes.

Have you tried a savory additive and a thicker texture?

Anything in your spice rack is worth a try. I suggest 1 scoop with enough liquid to make it thick but smooth. Then mix in the unlikely tests such as curry, turmeric, black pepper, ginger, cloves, you know - whatever you like. If it’s terrible you only need to add enough water to be able to drink it down (If you don’t want to waste, you probably don’t want to waste)

Either way, be sure to share. Some of the funniest posts are recipes that didn’t work: