My Journey with Huel

Hey everyone! I wanted to share my upcoming experiences i have with Huel as I just started my journey. I currently work at an airport but my job is very stationary and the shift work makes it difficult between shifts to really do any cooking or planning for the next days meals. Breakfast by far is my most skipped meal and is often replaced by a poor choice of starbucks.

So here’s to hopefully a great journey, maybe a little weight loss (5-10lbs) and a ultimately healthier me.

Weight: 193.1lb
Body Fat: 26.7%
M Mass: 40.9%
Water: 53.0%


I was going to do this also (the post type). I’m so ready. I shift work too and being on thirds is a nightmare for healthy eating.

Edited bc I’m slow and didn’t realize there is a section for this. :joy: Whoops.

Love it! Keep us updated on your progress! We love seeing the good Huel can do in people’s lives. :heartbeat:

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Hey drumstix678 - I’m with ya buddy. It appears we work at the same airport - I too, am totally excited about the ability to put this into use with funky airline shifts. From long nights to the ability to have this on the go, I’m hoping for some decent weight loss.


Get out! Small world, shoot me a PM would love to know what you do at IAD

If I knew how I would! (PM)

How long did it take for you to get Huel?

Hey guys and gals!

It’s been a few weeks and I’ve used Huel on and off since i had a recent mini vacation to back home. I feel a lot better and happier just in general. I’ve noticed my nausea from working my overnight shift is less which is fantastic. Overall loving the taste which has grown on me. Going to the store today to try peanut butter and some other fruity combination with Huel. Also might adventure into this almond milk that’s used, not sure how I’ll take the taste but we shall see.

The numbers thus far:

Body fat: 23.6%
M Mass: 42.6%
Water: 55.5%

1.7lb loss which is small but impressive with my very sedentary job and lack of routine exercise. Having Huel 5 days a week for breakfast and as a substitution for lunch truly helps, I’m going to try and have Huel for lunch more on the weekends to see if i can loose more weight. Not sure how much this weight will fluctuate since this is the first time I’ve seen the scale lower than normal.

Happy Hueling!

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