Huel Fat Loss Journey

Hey guys,
My name is Raven and I’ve decided to use Huel as a means to fat loss and wanted to journal my experience.

My goals:
In the short term
Go from 200 lbs to 188lbs by July 4th
Long term
Get to and maintain at 180lbs

According to, my maintenance calories are 2,639. So l decided to eat 1600 cals per day. This will be mostly coming from Huel Black though I also availed myself of a few Huel H&S.

Starting Stats
Date: 05/23/21
Weight: 200lbs
Waist: 34.25 in

Daily stats (recording weight before breakfast in the morning)


May 24th |200.4 lbs | 34.25 in
May 25th | — lbs
May 26th | — lbs
May 27th | — lbs
May 28th | — lbs
May 29th | — lbs
May 30th | — lbs
May 31st | — lbs

^^ what just happened here!?

Throwing out the schedule for tracking, nice.
If you miss a day or two, or don’t hit the benchmark you set yourself, don’t let that distract you from following through on your goal.

Good luck.
Stay hydrated. Stay healthy. Stay safe.


Crush your Huel journey and reach out to us if you have any questions :muscle:


What is your height? You must be tall.

I’m 5’11’’ so a bit tall, yeah

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Okay so looks like I can’t edit replies/comments after a certain period of time so I’ll just be replying to this every week or so with my current progression!

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I wish you nothing but good luck, I started a fat loss journey too and I want to be down 40lbs by November 15th. Are you throwing an exercise routine in the mix? If so I would love to know what you got planned for that.

Thank you!

Mostly some cardio (jogging/rowing for 30 mins) every other day with a full body workout (3x10 of bench press, shoulder press, rows, lat pulldowns, squats and deadlifts) interleaved. I’m not going too hard for any of it, just as a preventative for losing too much muscle mass.

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Go go go! I can’t wait to see you keep coming back. :blush: I’m on a fat loss journey now too, but I am going way slower. You’re inspiring me to keep at it.

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Niiiice, well you got it. How have you been feeling since starting your regiment? Also how many bottles of Huel are you drinking a day?

Good luck!! We are on a very similar path! I just started on Monday 5/24.

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I’m going for 2-3 400cal servings a day from Huel (Huel Black and H&S)

The first few days I had some bowel movement issues (probably adjusting to higher fiber) but it’s pretty much done now. Otherwise, I’m seeing some benefit in sleep/waking up where I don’t need a morning energy drink and go to sleep much more easily at night.

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How is it going? I am 2 weeks in and about 7.5lbs down! I do shakes for breakfast and lunch, with regular dinner.