Week 3 of switching to Huel

For me all change requires the first step…willingness to try something new. At 59 I am honestly exhausted from fiddling with my nutrition to feel good, stay satiated and not get urges. Gaining ground only to loose it during a trip or holiday. Frustrating!

I travel alot and don’t enjoy searching for food options while I could be enjoying the area that I am in. Being active it often means I am in some beautiful spots, hiking, biking, camping, SUV RVing, car touring ect.

Yesterday I hit the 3 week mark on my 12 week trial journey. Then I will get a physical and blood work to see how things are with Huel.

Here are my observations so far.

  • I am saving 35% off my food bill
  • I have been to the grocery store 2 times, to get Almond milk and Bananas
  • I have replaced all supplements, smoothie fixings, vitamins, pre and post workout drinks with Huel products. I feel :+1:.
  • When traveling I am active and don’t waste time searching for restuarants
  • Hot and Savory cooking method that has worked best for me is to use the Pot, add boiling water 1" below surface, stir, add more boiling water, then screw top on for 15 min.
  • I need to pee alot more!

If you would like to follow my progress and adventures they will be on my Instagram page. Fun_with_Huel and my YouTube channel Bill Caulway.

Instagram link…

Owe…I am now a Brand ambassador for Huel.

Be Well and Kind


Good luck - it sounds like you are on a good path. I wonder why you have to piss more frequently. The obvious question: are you drinking more water than before?

Detox that first week is normal and pee is one way my body reacts to reducing salt. Switching to Huel reduced my snacking. I would use 1 scoop instead of 2 for a snack. Worked great.

Also after I drank a shake I would refill the shaker with water. I sip that between meals.

For me it is normal during a duet change. I am older, about 60, and may have something to do with it as well.

Be Well and kind