S.O.S First time HUELer


My Huel came this weekend and I was so excited to start my journey until I drank my first bottle. It was okay at first but got progressively worst and I found myself trying to force it down. It also made me run to the restroom afterwards, which I don’t mind because detoxing is always good. I followed the first timers recipe with the 3 scoops but drinking it straight was just torture. I’m not giving up that easily though, I’m going to try mixing it with my favorite berries. I’ll be back with an update. Please help I want to get the proper nutrients I need daily.



Give you body a few days to adjust. I would also recommend easing into it. For my first week I did 1 shake/day with roughly 80-100g of Huel (instead of the recommended 127g serving size). The 2nd week I introduced 2 shakes/day, etc. Even easing in my first few days were slightly uncomfortable, but once my body adjusted everything went back to normal and I started almost craving Huel.

As for the taste/texture, experiment. Here are 3 things I have found I like (and many others do too):

  1. Always make sure you are drinking it cold! Add ice cubes, use cold water, etc.
  2. Make it ahead of time and let it sit in the fridge for a few hours. It thickens up quite a bit and the texture changes completely.
  3. Try blending it with or without added fruit etc. Blending also changes the texture. My favorite mixture by far is Huel, ice, water, and a small banana all blended. Makes a killer banana shake.

Stick with it!


Thank you! I will try the bananas!


I am still trying new things (I am only on week 6 of my Huel journey), but some others that are good:

-Powdered PB (regular or chocolate)
-Half a scoop of flavored whey protein (whatever flavor you like)
-Nesquick Chocolate Powder - No Sugar Added
-Chia Seeds - these add more fiber and Omega 3s and thicken the shake as they suck up a lot of water
-Add some milk, almond milk, or even coffee creamer instead of only water
-Berries and fruit of all kinds (@Deron swears by frozen blueberries, I still need to try!)


I think the PB would help a lot for taste!


Hey @Kayla!

All the tips given above are great! Try this recipe as well:

  • 8oz cold water

  • 8oz unsweetened almond milk

  • 3 scoops of vanilla Huel

  • three ice cubes (optional)

  • about 2tsp of cinnamon

  • preferred sweetener to taste

  • shake, done, enjoy!

10/10, would recommend. If you have the unflavored/unsweetened version, I would recommend adding more of certain ingredients in this recipe to enhance the flavor.

Bonus tip: If you leave Huel in the fridge overnight as stated above, it’s even better!

If that’s not your thing, you can also make pancakes, waffles, etc.: https://huel.com/pages/cooking-huel


Thank you Alex, I will be trying it this week! :smiley:


Keep us updated on what you think of your new recipes! We’re full of tips and tricks over here, so you have no shortage of ideas!


Since were on the topic of peanut butter with HUEL…look at Peanut Butter Americano…best all natural best tasting PB out there and mixes really good with Huel.