3 Weeks In So Far

3 weeks in and I’ve been mostly doing Huel except when I have a big craving. I’ve had nothing but Huel the last 3 days. Seems like I still get a little acid reflux every 2 out of 3 shakes even if I drink it slowly. I have some U/U being delivered today so I can see if the culprit is the sucralose.

I haven’t really noticed any increases in energy or anything like that. I do feel like my body is responding better to working out than it did before though. I’ve been drinking 5 shakes a day so about one every 2-3 hours. Yesterday I may have forgotten to drink one because I felt like I had a low blood sugar crash last night. When you have the same thing to eat for every meal, it gets hard to remember if you ate or not sometimes.I had worked out a lot longer than normal earlier in the day so that combination of missing a meal and the extra workload may have had something to do with it. Or I’m having fast food withdrawals.:man_shrugging: I just went to bed early and woke up feeling fine today.

It’s getting easier to avoid junk food though. There were donuts and sausage rolls in a meeting this morning and I wasn’t even really tempted to have one. Someone commented on why I wasn’t having any. I just told them I was on a whiskey only diet.

Haven’t lost any weight yet. Haven’t really been focusing too much on it though. When I cave to a craving, it’s usually 1,000-2,000 calories and salty so I could just be carrying around some water weight that covers any fat loss. I’m mainly trying to get good, healthy routines in place and then have the weight loss be a byproduct of that instead of beating myself up for not losing any. So far, the convenience of Huel has been well worth it.

I’ve read what @deron has had to say about insulin resistivity and found it really interesting. I carry the bulk of my fat in my midsection. I’m ready for my body to cure itself and start dropping the weight off. Even if I still keep some weight on, I’d be happy with having healthier cholesterol and blood pressure levels. What a fun experiment.


Just got home and tried the U/U. I should hate it, but for some reason I don’t. It’s definitely NOT good, but it’s palatable for me. Tastes like unsalted peanut shells, cardboard, and sawdust, yet I am somehow not disgusted by it.

Compared to the chemical gunk that most people are eating everyday, the all-natural peanut shells and sawdust is heartwarming comfort food.

Wait till you try UU with applesauce and cinnamon (or apple pie spice) or … maple syrup.

I only use UU because i like to control my sweeteners and other additives

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At this point, it does appear the sucralose is the culprit for the acid reflux. The flavor boosts just aren’t strong enough to make the U/U “good”. The combination that seems to work for me is doing 1 scoop chocolate or vanilla and 1 scoop of the U/U. The flavor boosts work great with the vanilla. I’m going to try it in the half and half to see how that comes out. I’ll have to try putting the cinnamon in the U/U to see how that tastes as suggested as well. I haven’t been experiencing any reflux with the half and half so far.

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