A week replacing two meals a day

So, I’d like to preface this by saying that I work a physically demanding job(Automotive technician), and this may have some effect on how huel works for me.

I decided to replace my breakfast and lunch every day with Huel. I usually eat a decently sized breakfast take snacks with me to work, along with a medium to small lunch(Big meals weigh me down and reduce my productivity). My usual routine would be to eat a few high protien snacks around 10-11, because I often can’t take lunch until around 2. As a test on the first day of the Huel switch, I decided to forgo my snacks, to see if Huel would keep me full until lunch time, and I was honestly quite impressed. I drank my shake on my drive to work(Time saver!), and I felt very content right up to about 11:30am, when the hunger hit me like a cannon shot in the gut. there wasnt an energy crash or anything, i was just starving suddenly. I was able to keep working but ended up drinking my Lunch shake a little earlier than usual, around 1pm. The best part was being able to take my actual lunch break to get some errands done.

Throughout the week, I brought my usual snacks: planter’s P3 packs, Packets of Low sodium tuna in water, beef jerky, mixed nuts, etc, and I found this to work wonderfully. I wasn’t hungry at my usual snack time, but I still would eat whatever snack i’d brought for the day, and I stayed full until my usual lunch time, and then the Huel kept me full until dinner. (The snacks also helped the cravings for salt that I would get without them.)

I’ve actually lost a couple of inches off my waist since I started replacing a meal a day with huel(Usually I’d have it for lunch at work, along with my usual snacks), and have been able to put on more muscle mass.

All in all, I am very impressed with huel, and enjoy the flavor, though I can definitely tell the mornings I was a little slack in my shaking, because it will be a bit grainy, but I’ve certainly eaten worse, so no complaints. So, much love to Huel, and the team behind it all, for making my mornings less hectic, and my lunches less rushed.


Glad to hear it worked well for you. Do you plan to continue replacing 2 meals a day moving forward and do you think it’ll get harder to keep it up?

We love this, @Will_Brown. Thanks for sharing a bit of your Huel journey with us! We’re happy to be there for you to help keep you nutritionally complete! :slight_smile: