We made our own shaker 💥

Hey team, you’ve waited long enough! This project we have been working on for 3 years and can now share the full story with you!

:boom: WE MADE OUR OWN SHAKER :boom:

We have used a “traditional shaker” for so long and although it’s good and functional, it never felt like Huel. We wanted to make our own shaker which:

  • Had the same functionality as our current shaker (i.e. made a great Huel)
  • Own-able, iconic design
  • Lockable cap
  • Cool, and be something people were proud to have
  • Not associated with protein shakers
  • Be cost-effective enough we can give one away with every new order

We have done that and think this is something you Hueligans will be proud to own and walk around with, something that won’t explode in your bag or drip on your shoulder!

We’re so stoked and to cap it off it is one of the winners of the iF Design Award 2021 for product design!

I’m sure you have a million questions about this one. Head to our site 4 for more information, but here is some topline info:

  • White section is made from Tritan plastic, because:
    • Very strong
    • Anti-staining
    • Lightweight
    • Odour and taste resistant
    • Dishwasher durable; won’t warp or crack
    • Great to print on

All the above is important, because the old shaker absorbed color, smells and wasn’t that strong. The logo used to rub off too and all this meant it didn’t last that long. We replaced a lot of shakers and know many would throw theirs away because of the above.

  • Carry loop - Easy to carry on the go, whilst carrying other stuff
  • Opaque - doesn’t matter what’s in it - always looks good
  • Detachable & lockable cap
    • Cap will no longer hit you in the face or drip on you
    • Won’t leak in your bag
  • Iconic look
    • Neutral design, less bulky, and not associated with protein shakers.
    • Organic, intriguing aesthetic
  • One fill line at 500ml
    • Simplicity - the perfect experience at 500ml
    • Still easy to change the amount of water you add
    • Means that instructions for making Huel across USA and rest of world are more aligned, rather than ml/fl oz

I know I just hit you with a lot of info(but I am excited too). Let us know what you think, it’s been great reading your impression of it so far. You will be able to get 2 shakers for $13 for a limited time, one on the go, one in the dishwasher!


Yup…those look unique all right

Looks good. Keep innovating.

Someone let me know how well they work.

I’ve been using a bottle by Blender Bottle® and it works amazing so far.

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When it says there is a single fill line - does this bottle not have increment measurements beyond that? I prefer a little more liquid than your suggested amount and use the increment measurements daily as I’m preparing my meals.

Just bought 2 of the new shakers but they rang up at $13 each. How do you get the 2 for 13?

On my account overview page, when I scroll down to the “try more of the Huel range” sample items, there is a “2x new shakers” item listed at $13 that can be added to next delivery.

I’ve also been very satisfied with my Blender bottle. I do have to wipe out the inside of the cap so I don’t get little drips, though.

I miss the 3 scoop/3 fill line days. The variety in which to enjoy Huel is my favorite part. Two fill lines would have made sense for the 2 scoops. Kinda shocked no one thought of this over the 3 years of planning. Cool design overall though. Just fumbled at the 1-yard line.

I just lick the lid. Lol

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Great shaker! I was worried about leaks, nope not an issue. I like that it doesn’t stand out like a standard shaker bottle. Very classy design.

Hey audra71, I would do that to but I need to purchase a thin-tongued lizard to get into the outer edge of the inside of the cap. I fold a paper towel to run through that narrow channel. Sigh . . . .

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These look amazing. Great job guys!

Not a fan of the new bottles. The opening is barely larger than the scoop causing even more of my huel to end up on the counter instead of in the bottle. The line is pretty hard to see. I still have to use a spring ball to keep from getting lumps… are the older versions still available?

Doesn’t seem to shake very well. Large clumps getting stuck in the lid…

Definitely wish it was a little wider and a little taller…