The new shaker is basically terrible :). And wrong items in my order :)

I saw a post from May praising the new shaker design.

I have been a long time Hueligan - and I do NOT like the new shaker!

In July I received a whole Huel box full of things I never ordered (order #1361394-US). It was a subscription box that was supposed to be full of four hot meal bags, instead I received a box with a New shaker, two tubs of Huel complete protein, and a free T-shirt. HA! I just opened the box a couple weeks ago when I needed more hot meal bags and was quite surprised.

Anyways, I have been using the new shaker and enjoying the complete protein and my new t-shirt :rofl:

You can’t see the water through the shaker very well at all so when you are filling it at a water bottle station at the gym or (just about any other way I’ve filled it) - you can’t really tell how much water is in it without pausing and looking in the top and estimating if it’s reached the one little 17ounce mark or whatever the random little notch on the side is.

What’s up with only getting one random little notch on the side? I like to do one scoop a lot instead of two scoops, like is suggested on the bag, so where is my 8 ounce measurement (or 10 ounce measurement for my Huel Black).

Now the lid is two separate pieces, so the shaker now has four total pieces which is a pain for the dishwasher. And I don’t like having to screw the lid cap off at the gym and screw it back on / fumble with it since it’s so small, etc. It’s not more practical than the old attached lid.

The new shaker is functionally worse in every way imaginable, except for it being more slim and fitting in cupholders better or being easier to carry.

This is what happens when “looking cool” is placed as a higher priority than functionality.

Still love you all though and I will shut up and color and continue eating/drinking my delicious Huel :heart: :grin: :grin:

Hey @erik75,
So sorry you had the wrong order and sorry you are not a fan of the new shaker! We like to innovate here at Huel and really wanted to create a Huel shaker that more Hueligans could get behind, but we understand it is not a one size fits all scenario!
Please drop our team an email( as we would love to look into your order that went wrong!:sparkling_heart:

I love looking at the new shaker much better. Not sure the screw on top is an improvement. It’s another thing to keep track of and assemble.