Was there a flavor update?

I’ve been eating Huel for about 4 months now. I have a subscription to vanilla. On my most recent order, the vanilla tasted SO MUCH BETTER. Seriously, it was a crazy difference! It tastes like vanilla ice cream now. Was there a quiet flavor change or is this just a particularly amazing batch? Either way, I’m excited.

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There was no “quiet” change, if you follow along in the forums. However, yes, the flavor was changed.

Oh yes. There was a change. And it has polarized our Huel community, dividing us more than the president could do on his worst day.

Camp A are the people who absolutely hate this new vanilla flavor, claim it overpowers all other additives, and are contemplating cancelling their subscriptions.

Camp B are the people who really really like the new vanilla (which isn’t named new, it’s just called vanilla but it’s a new flavor). I take it you are in camp B. I have tried new vanilla with water and actually liked it, so I think I am a Camp B person.

The flavor was changed behind the scene in response to numerous complaints from people saying that original vanilla was too strong or too sweet. So this formulation you now have is supposedly less potent. Another user on this forum described it as more of a cake batter and I am inclined to agree.

Camp C are the people who dislike the chocolate Huel. And they’re just wrong. I mean, I know taste is an opinion, which means there is no right or wrong. But… their opinion is wrong. Chocolate Huel is very tasty.


Hi! Yes! We changed the vanilla powder :slight_smile:

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