Vanilla flavor different

Tried huel on Amazon and loved the vanilla flavor. Just started a subscription on I believe it v1.1 on the new bag and tastes totally different and not in a good way… is it possible the new order is the older flavor vanilla?

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I agree it’s different and not in a good way. I’ve been drinking vanilla huel for close to a year every day. My latest bag order does not taste as good. It overly smells of fake vanilla. I’d like the old stuff back if possible. I always order the gluten free stuff. I was originally wondering if something got messed up but your post reassured me to what I was tasting.


I’ve tried both 1.0 and 1.1 and honestly didn’t notice a difference. I love oats/oatmeal and I actually look forward to having my morning and lunch vanilla Huel. In fact, just finished one now. Perhaps Huel isn’t for you? Or perhaps try a flavor boost.

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I tend to agree. I like the original vanilla Huel. I just got the new vanilla yesterday, and I’ve been trying it out. I noticed, that at least to me, I can’t taste the vanilla.

I really wish they wouldn’t have made this switch. I only started using Huel like a month ago. I would hate to have to cancel my subscription so soon.

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