US Versions of Huel History

For avid Huelers, we have an article on the product version history here.

This will be updated as new products are launched.

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Have they changed the flavor profile of the vanilla Huel Powder? I recently received my first subscription order of the new version and the vanilla tastes horrendous. It used to be so good, but now it tastes unflavored. I was just wondering if this is because of the changes?

HI @Carly_Michelle

The flavor of the latest vanilla may taste very slightly different, but not massively. It’s the same flavor system, but as the ratio of the main ingredients has been tweaked, this could have affected it. However, this is very minor and should no way taste unflavored.

I’m wondering if I received a mislabeled product since it tastes so vastly different. Is there any way I can exchange it?

@Carly_Michelle There was another post on this forum a couple of days ago saying the same thing, but they thought maybe it was a problem with their batch (#94353). I would be interested to know if the batch # on your bag matches.

YES! It’s the same batch number!

Hi guys

Bear with us, I’ve passed to the US Customer Care team and someone will be in touch.

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Hi Carly! I have ordered a replacement for you and have also requested a return label so our team can look into this further. The replacement should arrive in 3-5 business days. In the meantime, please let us know if there’s anything else we can do to assist you. :relaxed:

Thank you so so much!