Huel smells and tasts weird

I just received my huel a couple days ago and it has a weird smell and taste to it once you blend it with water… Ive been drinking this stuff for over 400 days in a row and it tastes the same every day until today… I get the vanilla flavor black edition. Did you guys change the recipe recently? like it’s so bad I cannot drink it so now I have two bags at my house going to waste.

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Yes they changed something in the 1.1 version of Black Edition Vanilla compared to the original 1.0 BE Vanilla. This change to v1.1 was done around December 2020. See my post (and others) about experiences with an odd taste (to me rubber/plastic like, my friend says play-doh). I have switched to the Peanut Butter and Salted Caramel flavors, which don’t have an issue with, and tastes good. You may find adding a flavor pack or a fresh banana and peanut powder as a way to mask the 1.1 vanilla issues, if you are not concerned with what the bad taste actually is (i.e. bad mix/batch, contamination, etc.)

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Hey @anthonyflok,
Sorry this has been your experience with this order!
Do you think you could drop us an email at and someone on our team will definitely help you out :muscle:

I’m starting to agree with the guy that talked about these people coming out of the woodwork, saying the same thing. Don’t even bother to try anything or read on here about solving the clumping issue. Every time it’s a new account and they’ve been on Huel since 1965 and the clumps are the worst thing to happen since Satan. Everyone on here knows the limitations, caveats, and the benefits.

  1. This thread has nothing to do with the “clumping issue” of “white edition” v3.0 Powder that you mention. The original poster (OP) clearly states he has Black Edition, which was very recently revised to version 1.1. There are NO clumping issues with Black Edition that I am aware of or experienced myself – Just the flavor/formulation change to Black Edition 1.1 Vanilla that seems to taste bad to some people. As a recent change (around December 2020), I’d expect there to be a growing number of people experiencing it for the first time, and thus posting about it. Of course it is unknown if the issue is directly related to the flavor/formulation change, or if it is a bad batch they are still working through/correcting.

  2. Do you expect every Huel customer to be participating on this forum? No, of course you don’t. That’d be silly. So of the very small percentage that are, do you think they all joined the first day they started drinking Huel? Of course not, that’d be silly as well.

  3. What might compel a Huel customer to join a forum that they wouldn’t bother with otherwise? I’d rank an important question, or a extremely good or unusually bad experience as the top 3 reasons.

  4. I see you joined the forum on January 14th 2021, not too long ago. I joined Jan 3rd 2021, yet I started on Huel almost a year ago. The OP says they’ve been drinking Huel for over 400 days (that’s just over a year last I checked, a little longer than me.) Doesn’t seem unusual. So how long have you been drinking Huel? It doesn’t really matter unless you have a question, issue, or experience to share where that information helps explain where you are coming from, just like the OP did.

I’ve been on Huel since early February. I also don’t give 2 shits how long you’ve been on it. I just find it interesting and someone else on the forum pointed it out. It’s always a new account, and that new account has always been on Huel for a long time, or at least claims to have been.