Want to try GF U/U, Anyone have a bag I can buy?

I really want to try GF U/U. I know it’s not very popular, so I thought I’d check to see if anyone has a partial bag I could take off of their hands!

It’s not really much different than regular U/U

Finding someone to send you a single/partial bag is going to be more hassle and expense than just ordering an extra one from Huel direct.


My understanding is that the GF bags are exactly the same as the regular (as in, both GF U/U and the regular U/U are filled with identical product) it’s just that GF then goes through a certification process to ensure that it’s truly GF and because of the cost of certification, it costs a bit more.

Unless you are super sensitive to gluten and might die if microscopic amounts are consumed, the regular U/U should be fine.

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If you have a subscription, just add a GF bag to your next shipment.