Ordering two different types?

My partner and I love Huel, but she needs the gluten free and I need the regular. We totally get the need for ordering a minimum of two bags, but can someone help us figure out how to order one of each? We are students and don’t have the money or the storage space for four bags at a time! The website will not let me add any bags to the cart unless I add two of a single type.

Hi Chris, I’m really sorry, but unfortunately this option is not available at this time. I don’t know if this will help, but our standard Huel does not contain any wheat nor any wheat gluten, and has the same ingredients as our certified Gluten-Free version, but if there is a medical reason, I understand the need for the gluten-free variety. As far as the cost, it could be beneficial to set up two subscription accounts, saving you both 10%. And if you’re a part of our refer a friend program, you can then each apply any $10 referral discounts you get by sharing with friends and family (my.huel.com/referafriend). I wish I could be more helpful! Unfortunately our system and pricing structure wouldn’t recognize that kind of order at this time.

Given the inability of the Huel system to do a split order, could you alternate months? One month buy 2 bags gluten free, the next month the regular, and so on? It would mean one of you would have to take a break from Huel for the first month, but once going you would both be able to enjoy the Huel you want without running out!


That is absolutely an option! Thanks, Aaron. You would just need to update your subscription preferences each month to make the change, or email in and we’d be happy to do it for you.