How gluten-free are the GF Instant Meals, Black, and Daily Superblend?

Are each of these tested at <20ppm per batch like the GF powder is? Are they made in GF facilities to prevent cross-contamination? I am needing to be really strict about gluten exposure and would love more clarity on this!

Personal context:

I’ve been eating/drinking Huel products for while and it’s gotten me through some really tough medical times – the one thing that always made me feel better when I was bedridden for months with Lyme etc. I also developed celiac/coeliac disease with the tick borne diseases and have been a vegan for years. Having something easy and nutritious that checks all those boxes was a huge (and potentially literal) lifesaver for me. I am anti-capitalism and hate loving companies but I do begrudgingly love Huel, LOL.

I just had my celiac blood tests re-done and my antibody levels are still high, which means there’s still a small amount of gluten in my diet somehow. Am thinking it might be because I’ve been eating the non-gluten free powder v3.1. I plan to switch to gluten-free v3.0, but I am bummed that there is no U&U option. I plan to experiment combining U&U black edition with gluten-free powder and daily superfood, and I am really really hoping I can also keep eating the GF instant meals – particularly Mexican chili :blush:

I’d also LOVE to have a bar that’s gluten-free! I relied on the old bars when biking/running, as emergency rations in my backpack etc. and it was a huge bummer when they were replaced with the new ones that feature gluten so prominently. I don’t care if the GF bars are like flavored cardboard, the convenience and nutrition is all that matters to me. LMK how many I have to buy for you to bring this option back and I’ll get a second job to start saving :stuck_out_tongue:

(PS - sorry for the US-UK cross-post; I managed to subscribe to, browse for an hour, and post on the UK forum twice before realizing this one existed :person_facepalming: )

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All of our gluten-free products are tested for <20ppm gluten every batch in the US. It is not an entirely gluten-free facility, but there are cross contamination measures in place and our Co-Manufacturers that produce Huel gluten-free finished products test all batches for gluten and are only released for sale once gluten is confirmed <20ppm, as per industry standard. :blush:
Additionally, thank you for the feedback in regards to the bars. While there are not any current plans to create a new bar, you never know what the future will hold! I’ll pass this feedback on to the team to consider going forward.

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