Order mixup — PLEASE HELP

I sent an email yesterday 6/3/18 to support but also wanted to try this to hopefully get a quicker response as I have not gotten a reply yet…

My first order of HUEL was through Amazon and I was sold… great stuff (GF Vanilla flavored)
My second order I ordered directly through HUEL so I could get the t-shirt… only problem is the 2 packs I got directly from HUEL that was supposed to be GF VANILLA was packaged wrong… it says GF Vanilla on the package but when I opened it did not smell like vanilla like my first order did, and sure enough when I had my first shake it was plain flavored…
a couple things.

  1. I noticed the package from Amazon the side of pack were white but the pouches from HUEL directly have black on the sides.
  2. The orders were placed 1 week apart and the lot numbers are pretty close.

I hope this reached support quick as i typically have 2 shakes a day and would like replacement ASAP… I will return the unused pack I opened it’s 99% full, I only made 1 shake.

I HOPE THIS IS AN ISOLATED incident, as I am on a strict gluten free diet and that would not be good if a lot of GF pouches are not GF.

Thank you

Their office ain’t open on weekends, so any emails sent yesterday probably won’t get read till today. Just FYI. When i had an issue and emailed them, they got back to me within about 36 hours and they were real professional.

My gluten-free Unflavored/Unsweetened Huel bags are black on the side. If you don’t need to return the U/U, just know that it’s fairly easy to sweeten up the U/U Huel. 2 tablespoons of honey does the trick (of course, this adds some sugar.)

Thanks for the heads up. They just emailed me…
So black sides = Unsweetened
White sides = Vanilla

Makes sense just hope it’s gluten free as stated

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The color of the bag sides may not indicate the flavor. My last shipment was defiantly marked Vanilla, and both bags had black sides. It tastes like the Vanilla flavor as well.

Interesting. All my vanilla bags have always been white. The one time I ordered U/U Huel it came as black side bags. Perhaps this is coincidence. Maybe the color has to do with different batches. Or maybe they happen to have different color bags now.

Mine have been all white as well, up to this past order. I should have a new order arriving in a couple of days, we’ll see what color it is.

Hey @Mariodlm

My name is Sothan from the Huel USA team.

All Powder Bags designs going forward will have white front and back panels and black sides. Bag designs is not an indication of flavor types.

Please contact our Customer Support team member at support@huel.com regarding your issue. They’ll be happy to assist you with your order.


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