Gluten Free Alternative Sent to Me

Did anyone else receive the gluten free powder because of a shortage with the normal powder? Tried the gluten free and it’s just not for me, and contacted support to get the regular powder sent to me. Wish I could’ve just received the normal powder to begin with.

Hey @sfranklin137! I’m going to get a response to that email right now so we can chat this through with you. I apologize for any delayed response there! If you need anything else don’t hesitate to give us a shout.

I may be wrong but I believe the only true difference between the two is that one is manufactured in certified gluten free facilities and the other isn’t. The ingredients themselves are the same though. I can’t imagine it would make much difference, if any, to the taste.

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For some reason it tasted slightly more sweeter? Unsure, I just wasn’t a fan! But they sent me the 2 bags of regular, so just another reason I love huel!

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I hope mistakes dont happen…A glass of regular huel would KILL me.

Of course not! We’re extremely diligent with our fulfillment to ensure you receive gluten-free Huel if that’s what you select to order😁 @kris4183 was correct above, the ingredient make up between gluten-free and original Huel Powder is ultimately the same. The difference is the manufacturer, where our GF powder is developed in a certified GF facility to ensure our Hueligan’s safety who are sensitive to gluten.

Sparknotes version: Nothing to fear❤ I hope you love our new v3.0 GF Powder!

I also got GF instead of regular on my order of 1.1 chocolate that arrived yesterday. I don’t notice any difference and since it is probably the last batch of 1.1 I’ll ever see, I’m not stressing about it.