Perhaps keep GF U/U 1.1 forever?

I think it might be a good idea to collect feedback here for those who would like to see Huel’s safest product for intolerances and allergies sustained through the changes.

I realize that not everyone needs GF, but I can’t imagine anyone bothered by it, and it makes the pool of potential users higher.

They have said that older versions will be around for AWHILE, but a permanent product for people on various restricted diets might do well for them. Customers might not be willing to commit to a product that is going to disappear soon. They are more likely to go looking for an alternative.

Maybe initially Huel could commit to a year?

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Thanks for your feedback. We will take this on-board moving forward, as I can totally see where you are coming from, and as always will keep you updated via this forum.

I very much agree with this idea. Unfortunately, with my own dietary issues, version 3 will not work for me and I will be forced to seek an alternative. if gluten free U/U 1.1 is still around, I won’t have to do that.