Very Happy with v3.0 UU

Took me a while to eat through my stock of v1.1 in order to try v3.0, but now that I have I want to give it 2 thumbs up. Seems close to v1.0 in taste and texture as best as I can remember. Perfect as a base, or stand alone if you like a plain oatmeal-ish taste.

In the interest of fair disclosure, every shake I make gets pulverized in the Ninja, AND I did not like v1.1 vanilla.

Hopefully, Huel will give its mad scientists a rest now. :wink:

Interesting review! If I could get a good bag of 3.0, I’d love to change my mind about it. So far it’s been a rocky road.

I’ve read of your problems with clumping in the latest version. I can relate to people’s frustration as the formula evolves. I too have vented about other aspects of changes in previous posts about the switch from v1.0. Perhaps not as prolifically as yourself, but I have made my opinion known.

That being said, I am going to call it as I see it. I think v3.0 UU as I know it is a winner. Very palatable and seems to have a better nutritional profile too. Now I choose to blend 100% of the time unless I am on the road. No surprise then that I get a superior end result compared to any shaker mix. But, if I did need to mix a shake on the go, it wouldn’t be in the provided bottle. Screen agitators are really best at keeping ice at bay while drinking; they perform poorly as mixers since any stubborn clump has to pass through the screen to get broken apart. Round bottom shaker bottles with ball agitators are the way to go IMO. Huel should really consider changing the shaker design or omit it altogether, because it gives consumers the impression that that cheese grater is going to get the job done every time with minimal effort. (not in my experience) I would much rather see that happen, than incorporating additional additives (I’m looking at you, Shredded Cheese) to make hand mixing easier.

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No problem with V3.0 so far (I do use a blender)

My only complaint is one of my bags was popped open during shipping making a mess in the box.
Need to pack these a little better.

UU v3 is just a bit less oaty and dense than v2 but it is fine, I could even said that slightly better when I tried alone (without mixing it with anything).

Hey there! We truly are glad that your journey with us has been an uphill one and that you find the V.3 to be a great addition to your diet. Thank you for sharing how you prepare your shake as well, as I am sure there are plenty of people interested in other ways of preparing their Huel shake :grin::grin::grin: