Opinions on V3.0 So Far

I only jumped on board the Huel train very recently - just enough time to consume 4 bags of Huel ( 2 vanilla and 2 chocolate) before the changeover to V3.0. I have been using the new V3.0 for a few days now and am just a little disappointed.

I’ve seen at least one comment from someone else, that for the same amount of powder and water, V3.0 is a little less thick. I’ve noticed that too, but it’s not a problem, as I can just adjust the ratio of powder to water. Like another member here, I noticed a slightly greater tendency for the powder to clump. For some reason, I am noticing it mainly with the berry flavor. However, that is the only flavor that I tried preparing the powder in the shaker and drinking immediately. My normal practice is to prepare it in the shaker and chill it in the fridge overnight. The reason I haven’t noticed the slight clumping with the chocolate and vanilla flavors could be that I chilled both those flavors, so they were both a little more viscous at the time of consumption, helping to cover up any clumps. The other member who noted this, seemed to be having a big problem with it when preparing it in a blender. I can see how that method of preparation would exacerbate the clumping issue.

V3.0 is a little less granular and gritty - that’s no surprise, as we had already been told that. I had found that preparing V1.1 in the shaker at a ratio of 2 scoops to 12 fl oz of water, and chilling it overnight, resulted in the perfect consistency for me. I would eat it with a spoon this way, and it had the consistency of a dessert, though not the savory taste, of course. This consistency, combined with the extra granularity, was quite pleasing to me. I find the slightly smoother texture of V3.0 less appealing.

The berry flavor is just a little too strong for me, with an aftertaste that seems to hang around for quite a long time. If I continue to order in the future, it will just be chocolate and vanilla. The new chocolate flavor tastes more “chocolatey”. It’s bordering on being too strong, but I think I can handle it! The vanilla’s OK. I don’t know how to describe it, but I preferred the V1.1 flavor.

Quite honestly, overall, I preferred V1.1. The only way I am going to make any future purchases, is if I can buy 16 bags at a time on subscription. This gets the price down to the ballpark where I can consider it for regular consumption. Unfortunately, V1.1 is no longer available on subscription. I will be waiting to see if Huel decide to manufacture more V1.1 and make it available on a subscription basis again. I have not yet decided whether to continue my subscription. I take occasional trips in my campervan, and was looking at Huel as the perfect product to keep a stock of, in case I am camping out in the boonies, without easy access to decent food. As long as I have drinking water, I can eat. I like this! It’s like a 21st century version of the MRE.

I just don’t know about keeping up my subscription to V3.0 though - am still deciding on that one. I think I’ll feel a bit better once I’ve consumed my 5 bags of berry flavor, as I’m really not keen on that particular flavor. I just want it out of the way.

When Huel were considering all the customer feedback while figuring out the formulation for V3.0, I hope they didn’t give too much weight to the criticisms. People are usually far more ready to say something when they’re dissatisfied. In the meantime, there could have been many happy V1.1 customers who were silently (and happily) consuming their Huel.

EDIT - I made 4 “meals” of the berry flavor last night and put them in the fridge to chill. The plan was to consume the berry faster than the other flavors, in order to get it out of the way first. This morning, it seemed a lot more palatable. Perhaps all I needed was a little time to adjust to the new flavors and textures. As for the chocolate flavor coming across as a little strong, I may try one scoop of vanilla and one scoop of chocolate. We’ll see how this goes. I really want this to work out - it’s a good product.


For what it’s worth, I’ve had to do half unflavored/unsweetened with all the new flavors. They’re just too strong. I’ve also had lots of clumping. I just now had a lunch of the old berry, and man, is it so much better than the new. Great flavor without being too strong and zero clumps. I hope they return to 1.1 or at least continue offering both.

I’ve only been using Huel for a couple of months. I enjoyed V1 as long as I blended it. V3.0 seems to be plenty smooth for me in the shaker. I’d like to say Thank You for the upgrade.

Just started using Huel… I had been using Soylent for a few years, through a couple of their improvements. They were all different, and took some time to get used to, but I appreciate both Huel and Soylent coming up with improvements. I have no problem with the new Huel, I don’t have anything to compare it to… the earlier version, so maybe my taste doesn’t know any difference ? But I trust Huel to do the right thing for the majority of users.

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I’ve been using Huel for about 7 months as a twice a day, weekday meal replacement (started around 5/2019).
I like the ease and simplicity of diet I get with Huel; low cost, complete nutrition, fast prep, etc.
I don’t have to stop and plan meals during the busy weekdays and don’t fall to bad choices like fast food.
In this time I have come to prefer chocolate Huel to many standard meals (I liked it!) and would interrupt my Huel meals to be social more than any other reason.

My first impressions of 3.0 (chocolate and vanilla) were basically “Wow, that’s a lot more change than I expected, not into this at all!”. I realize habit is part of this and I’ll need to try several times and maybe switch back and forth to the old version (I have a 1/3 bag of each or so). Honestly after 6 or 8 meals I’m still not finding my way with it and plan to cancel for now, stock up on the old stuff and see where this leads. Also going try some competitive meal replacement products as well.

My Huel experiment was wildly successful and I thought I’d found a great solution for me but 3.0 has me real nervous that I may be looking for a fresh solution long term. For now time will tell.
I notice that more water is suggested on the package of the 3.0 and that helped the taste a bit but I can’t get a good mix with the shaker bottle and have chunks left over… time will tell.

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I second this. Just tried Chocolate and Vanilla 3.0 and like them both! Not necessarily better than previous versions, but different, and both taste good to me.

Huel Black Vanilla 3.0 is definitely better than New Vanilla 1.1. That was awful.

I absolutely hate the clumping in the new 3.0 huel. I am chewing my drink. I also find the berry flavor too strong. Please bring 1.1 back.


I noticed a lot of people seem to feel Vanilla 3.0 is too sweet, and Chocolate 3.0 is kinda bleh, and what I tried with decent success was mixing one scoop of each together. It cuts the sweetness of the vanilla a bit, and because the chocolate is underwhelming, I found this blend to be a decent base for adding some of my flavored Torani syrups like Almond Roca or Irish Cream.

Do not like the new vanilla. Tastes too artificial. One of the main attractions of Huel for me was the natural, oaty flavor. This may be a deal breaker.


You have the option of unsweetened and unflavored, and also the natural flavoring and sweeteners of Huel Black (depending on how you feel about the protein).

One of the main attractions of Huel for me was the natural, oaty flavor.

Same here, but I don’t feel strongly enough about the new flavor to say it’s a deal breaker. I still ordered 4 bags of Original Vanilla 1.1 from the Huel Outlet site, and they just arrived. I’ve been eating 3.0 for almost a month now, and I feel a little better about it than I did at the start, but going back to 1.1 after a month of 3.0 was… very nice.

I’ll create a new subscription once the Original Vanilla is gone for good. I’ll probably experiment with U/U when the time comes, but will probably just settle for 3.0 Vanilla in the end. As far as I know, there aren’t any other products that compete with Huel’s level of quality, nutrition, and price.

Wow, that was so helpful. I’m sure the guy didn’t know he had any other options. :roll_eyes:

Frankly, the new stuff is terrible. Waste of $. Won’t be ordering again.

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I loved 1.1 chocolate! I ate it exclusively for 4 months. I could eat 1.1 vanilla with flavor additives, but could do it plain.

I got the new 3.0 chocolate and I couldn’t even finish the shake. It made me naseated and had a crazy taste that is hard to describe…it tasted like the seasonal chocolate cherry flavor add that I threw away after 1 sip.

However, I do like the vanilla 3.0. However I have started getting cramps and tons of gas…before I never got cramps.

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I thought I could eat anything, but I have an opened bag of Vainilla 3.0 and I can not finish it. I just tried V3, and here’s my opinion

-Chocolate V3. flavor is flat, not good, but bearable, at least better than the V1.1 ( V1.1 was too sweet for my taste, like candy)

-Vainilla V3 is sweet and has an artificial disgusting flavor, very different from V1.1 which I liked it

-U/U is ok, however V1.1 outy flavor and consistency were better.

-Tons of gas with V3

Overall, I prefer V1.1 (did not got the chance to try the original). I might going to try Black’s edition

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