Thumbs up for the new U/U Huel 3.0

Just got the new U/U Huel 3.0. I’m delighted to report that the new U/U Huel is just great. Excellent texture. The flavor is like eating a bowl of oatmeal or a piece of bread, which in my opinion is perfectly pleasant and I don’t need everything to taste like candy. I had 2 full scoops of it in my shake and I feel fantastic. I cannot stomach artificial sweeteners as they make me feel just awful (and they cause depression in me for some reason) so I’m really happy to have this option. I’m going to use this a lot!


So pleased that you’re loving our v3.0, our Unflavoured is an important part of the range exactly for the reasons you’ve said. Great to have you on the team!

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I may have to try the U/U Powder v3.0 because the Chocolate v3.0 is not good. It has some weird taste to it. To me, it’s almost a chemical taste or very odd sweetener taste. Too bad I purchased 3 bags. I will use them but I just have to tweak them somehow. I have been using Huel for 2 of my 3 meals per day since April 2019 and I LOVED the Chocolate v1.1. Too bad v3.0 changed so drastically.

I may give the Huel Black Edition or the Vanilla 3.0 a try before I move to the U/U.

Are you saying that you drink the U/U as is, without adding any flavors or sweetener, and you find it to be like the flavor of a bowl of oatmeal? That sounds just fine to me.

I’ve been eating mostly U/U for the past few weeks (quarantine, etc., etc.).

It’s not bad. It’s not great but it’s definitely not bad.

You’ve got your oats and rice and coconut and whatnot in the Huel mix. If you don’t mind the taste of oats, U/U is pretty inoffensive. (And if you don’t like oats, well, it tastes strongly of oats.)

(And, yeah, really can’t talk that much about the flavor without coming back to oats. Repeatedly.)

Also, I’d hesitate to recommend eating only U/U because oat-de-oat-oat-oat-de-oat-oat-oat-coconut-oat-oat might be a bit much. I don’t mind the taste of U/U but, in these crazy times, some variety now and then is definitely a welcome relief.

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Thanks, Noni!

(BTW, sorry everyone - I didn’t realize that I was responding to such an old thread!)