Huel Black Vanilla

I felt compelled to post my Huel experience, because a lot of people have told me not to buy it, for one reason or another.

I like it, it’s just right. Exactly what a healthy shake should be. I don’t know who came up with the formula, but we might be related lol.



It’s my favorite too - especially when chilled for several hours. Just sweet enough without being bland, very smooth and the flavor is not overwhelming or too “artificial”. It’s definitely a winner.


Sounds like we have similar taste. If you’ve tried any of the other options did you like anything else?


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I mix it 50/50 with UU 3.0

A lot of people seem pretty down on chocolate but it’s grown on me. The only thing- and this is a huge caveat - is you need to blend it and put it in the fridge for a few hours. It helps to even out the flavor considerably and gets rid of the clumps. If I use the shaker and drink at room temperature it’s not as good.

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Hi There! Thank you for the feedback, we’d like to hear the sincerest and honesty and we are glad that you went ahead and gave it a go!