I'm out. Version 3.0 is...awful

Hi all:

Posting here to pile on the complaints about V3.0. I had been using 1.x (I’m in the States) for a bit and absolutely loved it. V3.0 came along and completely changed everything.

It’s as if the new flavors (chocolate, vanilla, and berry) were developed by an alien who has never actually tasted these flavors but has had these flavors thoroughly explained to him. And what’s up with that weird aftertaste? If I could, I’d send back the unused portion. Maybe it’ll work well in the compost pile?

Anyway, hopefully Huel takes these complaints seriously (if there’s enough of them) and changes back to the old formula…or something closer to it.


I feel the ver 3.0 vanilla is slightly less tasty than 2.1 vanilla, but not anything I won’t be able to adjust to. I feel ver 3.0 berry is a slight improvement over previous berry. I have yet to try very 3.0 chocolate.

I think I read somewhere else that we never got 2.0 in the states, so the change was jarring, to say the least. I could probably put up with chocolate, but vanilla and berry are a no-go. Leaves this weird coating/flavor on my tongue long after the shaker is empty.

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I’m really sorry to hear this Anthony. Thanks for your comments.

For now you can order v1.1 on the outlet site: https://huel.com/collections/huel-outlet

Thanks, Dan. Just replied to your comment on r/huel; I appreciate your response both there and here.

I may stock up on some 1.1. I did love the old berry flavor blended with some mixed fruit. Will indeed miss it when it’s gone.


@Raindawg - I loved the v1.1 Chocolate. I’m in MN and never had any bags of 2.x, always v1.1. Then they went to v3.0. I was excited to try it and I got 3 bags of Chocolate. Luckily I was able to swap my 2 unopen bags for 2 of the Black Edition Chocolate. I think I will just dump my open bag of Chocolate. The after taste was sooooo bad. Fake, chemical taste.

I would NOT try the v3.0 Chocolate. I am buying the Black Edition Chocolate exclusively now. I LOVE it! If you just shake it, it’s a bit clumpy. Much more than v1.1 but I am used to it now. It’s not a big deal. If you don’t like clumps, just use a blender. Super smooth that way.

If you are fine with the higher protein, lower carb, I think you would like the Black Edition Chocolate.

Thanks, @MNSk8r. I may give the Black Edition a shot. I could probably use less carbs in my diet, anyway.

chocolate 3.0 is a little less tasty than the 1.1, which I loved. I add stevia and instant coffee to all my shakes anyway, so it’s not a big deal. What I don’t like, is that it never gets thick and sludgy like the 1.1 did, so I end up chugging a 2 scoop serving in 15 seconds.

It kind of tastes like sour milk to me. Especailly in the chocolate flavor.

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The biggest problem with V 3.0 is that it does not mix as well. Makes many small clumps. Go back to 2.0.


I finished my v3 which I hated, and went back to v1.1. I hate v1.1, I want to go back to 3, though I am not missing the clumping that v3 had.

It’s confusing because with v1.1, they had Vanilla and New Vanilla. I think the v1.1 they are selling now is the original vanilla. Because it’s not as good as I remember.

W/e the case is, I am moving back to v3 ASAP

I guess I just am not that picky. I tried version 3 vanilla, chocolate and u/u. With the u/u I added coffee, flavor boosts and PB2. Does any of it equal a shake from Braum’s nah but it’s human food! Just my thought, sometimes it seems as though expectations are a little high. (I tried them all based on the complaints and still have black in the cabinet in opened) I personally just enjoy the convenience!