V3.0 UU First Impression

My first purchase was chocolate and vanilla and honestly my stomach and bowels never seamed to adjust. Just got my first order of UU and man now I can tell the difference of no flavor! I am not a picky person so going to see how my body works with this version/flavor! I am still a huge fan of the concept and product as a whole!!! (Don’t tell anyone but if I don’t use Magic Bullet I get clumps) oh no I said it :man_facepalming:

Regardless I am a repeat customer and they don’t bother me!!!

I’ve been using a ShakeSphere Shaker Bottle and have had zero clumps with Huel Black

I’ve seen no clumps with Huel Black vanilla and chocolate so far.
Although I’m secretly hoping they add UU to the black as well.

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For some weird reason my stomach really never adjusted to v3, so I tried the gluten free version and black edition, and seems to work for me. Good luck!

Haven’t tried any of the powders but both blacks and they’re both very filling and flavorful… Still like the RTDs but I prefer these powders.