Version 3.0 -- Thoughts?

Just tried the new chocolate 3.0 and I’m sad to say that I don’t think I can buy another bag of Huel after these two new ones. The new taste and texture is so weird to me. Anyone else share similar feelings?


I’m going to try the “unflavored” next because Huel is so easy and I’d rather not have to change products, but everything from the taste to the texture of the new “Vanilla gluten free” version 3 is absolutely terrible.

I’m brand new as of about a week ago, so I have no frame of reference, and I think Vanilla 3.0 is fine. I don’t love Chocolate 3.0 on first taste, but I just today tried subbing ~8 oz soymilk for some of the water and throwing in a couple spoonfuls of Godiva hot cocoa I happen to have, and that improved the chocolate taste a lot.

Before v3.0 came out I only had one bag of Vanilla and one bag of Chocolate, both v1.1. I’ve now been using v3.0 of Vanilla and Berry and believe they are so smooth compared to previous version. I’ve stopped using the blender because it’s no longer necessary. I did not get to try Berry in v1.1, but am not a huge fan. It reminds me too much of Nestle’s Quik.

Agreed. The new formula is trash. Not even comparable to the 1.1 formula. I emailed asking for a refund for my 3.0 orders and ordered a dozen 1.1 bags. I hope they bring back the old formula because I won’t be buying any more of the new stuff.

There sure are a lot of negative posts about v3.0–almost scared me off. I’ve barely noticed a change in taste, texture (there are some lumps, but whatever), or digestion since switching.

Because it’s terrible. I don’t understand how you could honestly say you don’t notice a difference in taste.

I think it’s because the forum is there to voice concerns. You have to remember it’s a small, but important, part of the Huel community.

Hey Jason, I get that you’re really not a fan of v3.0 and want to voice your concerns but you have to remember everyone is different.

I like V3.0 vanilla. For me as an original vanilla fan, the taste is a huge improvement over new vanilla. There is noticeable clumping, but I remember similar clumping when Huel first launched in the UK. Guess I learned to tolerate it.
So, if you loved original vanilla but loathed the switch to new vanilla, V3.0 vanilla is so different from either of them that it’s worth a try. (In fact, reading all the negative feedback about V3.0 gave me reason to order it.)