Really displeased with 3.0

Hey guys. I’ve been using huel for the past 5 months, chocolate, twice a day. I loved the taste and texture. The new 3.0 tastes radically different, in a bad way. I almost thought I had a bad batch, because there’s no way it could taste like this but be marked as an upgrade.

Is there any chance we can choose which version? I really hate this new one


Oh no! I’m sorry you’re not a fan of v3.0🙁 You still have the ability to purchase v1.1 Huel Powder from an outlet store on our website! Check it out here -

We’ll be selling v1.1 until we’re out of stock. I hope you have a wonderful new year!

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That doesn’t help us going forward. How about you undo the damage you’ve done to a great product? Or at least give us the option to order the previous version going forward. Frankly the new stuff is terrible.


Same issue with all their products now, even the original tastes completely different than it used to.

I loved the product for the first few months, now every bag tastes like garbage and I honestly don’t feel the same way after consuming it as I dis in the first few bags. Originally it made me feel good and energetic for hours, now I feel as if I ate a ham sandwich, it does nothing and in an hour I want to eat again.

And the subscription requirement to get a discount is bogus. Fair pricing across the board is the only way to be fair to everyone (not to forget how horrible it is to make a change to said subscription, that requires a few days in emails every time I want to change it)

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I agree that the new formula tastes terrible. I have been using Huel for months now and I looked forward to my Huel meals, I used milk with my chocolate Huel and it was amazing. Huel has actually improved my health considerably because I can not eat all those high sugar and salt processed foods. I am pre-diabetic and Huel has helped me immensely. Now, I had to cancel my subscription. All I taste is tapioca and a slight hint of chocolate. It leaves a nasty film in my throat and I cough up flem for the next few hours. It gives me a headache and the new probiotics has messed up my digestion with a lot of gas and heartburn. Probiotics should not be in a meal replacement powder because it affects people so differently, unlike protein or carbs which everybody needs.

Please bring back the original or give your customers the choice of either formula. I’ll be buying what I can from old stock until you are out, then I need to move on.


Beyond the taste, I’ve seen it mentioned before but I absolutely cannot get it to stop forming solid chunks. I’ve tried everything besides blending it which seems like the only thing that will work but that removes the convenience factor. No exaggeration, I will shake the shaker for almost two minutes straight, I’ve tried mixing just one scoop then adding another. I always get these solid chunks of powder I have to chew through. NEVER had this issue with 1.1. I am one of the easiest to please consumers and hardly complain about anything but I’m just shocked at how different this tastes and how it just does not mix well.


Same issue here. My wife and I have been drinking chocolate 1.1 for a few months now. I was excited to try the 3.0 and it is just awful. Going down it seemed similar to a bit worse but the after taste is horrible. I will not likely continue with huel unless the flavor is fixed.


I used to use chocolate flavoured powder.
now the taste is flat, flour-like - no coconut feeling… really want to buy the previous one.