New version tastes chemically

This is my first post.

So I’m not up to date with what versions were released when but I started using huel last octoberish. I actually loved it. I thought the flavors were amazing and I actually looked forward to drinking them. Chocolate was rich, vanilla a little bland but still good, and berry was awesome.

I am nearly out of the 6 bags I initially order, so I go on website to order more and I try the low carb chocolate. Upon receiving two bags I open it and try. The taste was COMPLETELY different. It had this horrid chemical/coconut taste and even smell which made it completely unpalatable.

I send an email seeing if I can send it back. In the meantime I ordered two regular chocolates because this was so bad. Huel responds to my email and says don’t bother sending back they will just send me a new one (even though I ordered two)

Yesterday my new regular chocolates arrive, I try it, and to my dismay it’s the same exact chemical taste and odor. It’s unbearable, huel. I tried adding peanut butter, I tried 3 different flavor boosters. Nothing, and I mean nothing hides that taste.

What on earth did you guys do? Why change something that wasn’t broken? Now it’s in fact broken and I don’t want to touch the stuff. I’m afraid it’s the new “version” everyone keeps referencing so now I don’t even want to order vanilla or berry because I’m afraid it will have the same awful taste.

I thought I was crazy so I made chocolate from a new bag, and the chocolate from the old bag which I was almost out of and let my family try it. They too balked and spat out the new chocolate. Now I know it’s not just me.

I’m not trying to trash the product because I honestly really loved it and as I said earlier, I looked forward to drinking it. Not anymore.

What happened?! When did v3.0 come out? Maybe it’s just a bad batch of what I was drinking from my October order was also 3.0?! I don’t know


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when you say low carb, are you meaning Huel Black? I used to order u/u of whatever version - I don’t keep track - but I have the Huel Black chocolate now and I absolutely love it. I mixed one scoop vanilla and one scoop chocolate today for breakfast because I am not a big fan of vanilla flavors I guess, but wanted to try it and seems good as well. I have zero chemical taste. I am merely curious. I see all these posts about tastes and it’s very interesting seeing how everyone is so vastly different in what they like/can tolerate.

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Yes the black.

I am guessing it’s a batch issue then because my family all noted the different tastes between the two (old chocolate and the black) The v3 berry is fine though, no chemical plastic taste. Haven’t tried vanilla yet.


Hi Adam! Thank you for bringing this to our attention, we made the switch to our newest versions in December and hence replaced them on our website as well. However, customers who still enjoyed the older versions have the chance to still purchase them at our outlet store while supplies last.

With that being said, I would love to learn more about your order and have a look at your order summary so I can see your exact order as well as to learn if any of the powders could have been a bad batch.

I have personally messaged you to learn more about your situation and provide assistance with your orders as we wish to make sure you are having the best experience with us!


The order number for the black wdition straight from Huels website is: 725313

It has to be a batch issue because I’ve had berry vanilla and chocolate all version 3 and it tastes fine. The black edition and the other order of version 3 chocolate I bought through huel on amazon both had the same horrible plastic taste.

Have you all identified the issue yet?


We do not sell through Amazon and only offer our products through our own website, we highly advise that you purchase directly from us as the bags purchased from Amazon can have several issues as you have experienced.

Thank you for sharing with us your latest order number! I have replied back via message to gather a bit more information. Please check your inbox in the forum for updates from me.


If you’re not selling through Amazon then who is?

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I didn’t notice a chemically taste per se. I like you started this last October and really didn’t mind the unflavored. But now I am ordering as much of the original version as I can because the new taste is not the best. I’m hoping that they will bring out the unflavored in Black with more of an original taste to it.

We do not sell through Amazon nor have any authorized re-sellers either. It may be other people trying to sell from us via Amazon but we recommend to buy directly from our website as we do not have any direct connection with these other sellers.

That’s really weird. There’s always a Huel “Starter Kit” being sold on Amazon, which comes with a Huel shaker and booklet. If that isn’t you guys, you might want to notify your lawyers.


huh I just looked at Amazon too - It says sold by Differtrend.

From Amazon’s website:

Detailed Seller Information
Business Name: Sebastian Romero
Business Address:
5150 SW 13th Pl. Apt 1724
Gainesville, FL 32607
That doesn’t look much like a business address to me

He’s also on Facebook
Differtrend - Fitness & Bodybuilding Motivation