Vanilla vs UnSweetened Nutritionally Speaking?

So I am getting close to having to place my second order but would love everyone’s opinion on why the unsweetened may be better nutritionally vs the vanilla. I ordered the Vanilla the first time around because I wanted to make sure I could stomach it. On it’s own I’m not a huge fan but mixing with chocolate mint makes it do-able. I don’t love the idea of consuming the artificial sweeteners (the whole reason I stopped drinking Diet Coke years ago). I’m hoping if I try the unsweetened this time the flavor pack will make it taste similar to the vanilla with the same flavor? Can anyone speak to the nutritional advantage of the unsweetened?

In regards to the artificial sweetener, the Huel guys/gals use Stevia and Sucralose (active ingredient in Splenda). It is listed as last ingredient, meaning it is the lowest quantity of all ingredients. Typically, these artificial sweeteners are hundreds of times more sweet than sugar so only very small amounts are added to foods to sweeten.

Consider this: the chocolate and other flavor packs have their own Sucralose. So if you order the unflavored Huel and add the flavor pack in the recommended amounts, you’ll likely end up with the same amount of total Sucralose anyway. Their recommendation is to use twice the amount of their flavoring agent if you are adding to the Unflavored Huel verses Vanilla Huel. So it ends up being 6 of one, half a dozen of another.

In my opinion, just my opinion, use whichever flavor you need to help make it palatable. These are not sugar or sugar alcohols. The sucralose is likely in very small amounts, contributes almost no caloric load, and is probably safer than half the stuff in my local tap water. I did some research on Sucralose yesterday. All info I read seems to point to it being safe for human use. It’s been around a long time.

Try not to let the “artificial” label discourage you. Artificial vaccines save lives. Artificial and synthetic drugs are used all the time at the hospital I work at to save lives and comfort pain/suffering. I am sure glad I had some artificial anethesia for my kidney stone surgery a few weeks back.

There are plenty of natural things out there than can kill you. Sugar, for one. It’s very natural. Sugar is probably killing us all. Or at least, giving us insulin resistance which makes us fat and diabetic, and contributes to heart disease.

On a side note, as far as flavor is concerned, I added one tablespoon natural peanut butter (no added sugar kind) to my Huel Vanilla mix today and it’s a nice added flavor. It also adds some fat calories, so gotta consider that. But vanilla + oats + peanut butter is a great combo, IMO.


The flavor packs do not contain sweeteners. A list of ingredients can be found on every flavor boost page on

It will be similar, but the lack of sweetener will definitely make it taste different (the loss of the vanilla tone may also be a factor). In the right quantities the Flavor Boosts with Unsweetened/Unflavored Huel can be enough; however, you may also opt to add your own sweetener to help bring out the flavor.

If you look at the nutrition facts, they are pretty much identical, so I am not sure that you could claim an “advantage” either way. The only difference I am aware off the top of my head is that UU has 10mg less sodium than Vanilla per 2000 calorie serving, but less does not strictly mean better.

The are many people on here who opt for UU Huel to avoid the sweeteners (for various reasons), so you will be in good company if you are looking for combinations that work with UU.

Hello, I am new to Huel, I purchased without realizing it contains sucralkse. I have an allergy to Sufralose and Stevia causing me horrible migraines. I have two unopened bags of vanilla gluten free Huel. Is there a possibility to return and exchange with unsweetened gluten free product?
Thank you

No problem, Giovanni! I’m working on getting a return label for you and will send it to you ASAP!