My Vanilla had no vanilla or sweetness in it

I just opened my Vanilla 3.0, a little late because I use the other flavors first. When I mixed it up, no vanilla and no sweetness at all. It tasted like it was the unflavored unsweetened. It was a little rough to drink even when blended with fruit and honey. Is there anything Huel can do about that for me?

I love the product. I subscribe with 3 bags a month. But I have never had a Vanilla this bad.

Dave M.

Hi Dave M. and welcome to the community.

I’m not an official Huel staff member but I check the forums regularly and wanted to make sure you didn’t think you’re being ignored. One of the staff will respond to your concerns as soon as one becomes available which is typically within 24 hrs.

I am in no position to know why you’re experiencing this issue with Vanilla 3.0 that you are with any degree of certainty so I’m not even going to guess. That would not be helpful. However, you can rest assured whoever shows up to assist you will do their very best to resolve your issue to your satisfaction.

Hang in there.

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Hello Wilma,

Thank you for the welcome. I am a big fan of Huel. I have been using it for more than 6 months and do not see any reason to stop. I absolutely love the berry and chocolate with some cold coffee in place of water is how I start my day. I am actually adjusting to doing mostly Huel in my diet since I am now at my heaviest at 410 lbs. Since Huel is nutritionally balanced, this is my way to try to lose weight.

I will wait for a Huel rep to contact me. It would be nice to know that they care. I am in customer service myself working at home during the pandemic. So I know the bad as well as the good of dealing with customers. I am sure they value my loyalty and will do the right thing.

Dave M.

Hi Dave! I am happy to hear you are a fan of Huel. :slight_smile: But oh no, that is by no means a fun surprise! I just messaged you about this.

And with regard to weight loss, I linked this page from our website which discusses that further!

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Thank you Charlotte. I had a feeling it would be you! Glad my radar still works so well.

Dave, you’re in good hands. Charlotte is great!

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So how did this resolve?

If you still have flavorless-flavored Huel, try some apple juice instead of the coffee. Add cinnamon too. Add whatever else you have in your pantry that you’d consider putting in an apple pie (cloves, nutmeg, jamaican allspice, etc)

Or if you do get another bag of full flavor you can mix them to get a few more meals before you have to open the next bag.

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Hi there Mike! Some apple juice and cinnamon is a great idea. I like to add cinnamon but never thought to try it with a bit of apple juice too. That sounds like a wonderful flavor for the season and I am going to have to try that!

If you ever have any issues with flavor reach out and let us know. What we do is compile information about the bag you received and our team investigates it further. We then take steps to ensure you get the Huel that you know and love! :slight_smile:


Indeed. Charlotte went above and beyond for me. I am glad she is here for us when we need her.


So am I. She’s what all other customer service individuals should aspire to become.


It’s so funny to be finding this! I first tried Huel in early August ordering a chocolate, original and vanilla for good variety. While I found the former flavors enchanting, I had a strong aversion to the vanilla. When I drink it, I have to doctor it up with at least three packets of sweetener and even then it’s a bit too earthy for my liking. What’s comical is I’ve assumed all this time that this is the flavor they were going for with vanilla and when online shoppe notes it “*most popular” I just assume my tastes must be vastly different than the majority :joy:

There are so many new flavors coming out, it would be hard to settle for plain Vanilla. I always thought it tasted like yellow cake batter. But now with peanut butter and all of the other flavors, boring vanilla is not my priority.

I just ordered the hot huel as well. Going to be testing those out when they arrive from the arctic weather. lol Will be good to get something hot.

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You received a new batch of vanilla and it’s actually sweet?

It was as sweet as it usually is. Sweetness is relative.

If you ever get a product that you feel is not up to your standards, make sure you tell the company. They care about you and want to make sure you are happy. They replaced my bad Huel Vanilla and asked for information on the bag to track down the issue. They did more for me than I thought they would. It was a pleasant surprise.

They definitely won me over with the service.

Hope you enjoy your Huel Colb.

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The vanilla tastes like garbage to me, I got it for the first time thinking it would be similar to the Vanilla RTD, it’s not. I’m going to try the peanut butter out next month, but no more vanilla for me. Salted Caramel at this point is my go to and the most tolerable flavor.

You try vanilla with flavor boosters? I find vanilla as the perfect blank canvas (aside from unfavored/unsweetened) to add boosters to.

@DM87 All the flavor boosters I have tasted taste like garbage. Not a fan. I would rather just add something else to jump the flavor.

What’s garbage taste like? Lol… I sometimes add fruits to change things up a bit.

@DM87 Generally bad! Lol

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That was my experience with the black edition peanut butter. People seem to love that stuff, and I thought it tasted like sawdust. If it isn’t for you, then it isn’t for you.