Vanilla too sweet? Chocolate gross? My Fix

Problem #1: A lot of people seem to not like Vanilla 3.0. Too sweet, they say. Clumps too much, they say.

Problem #2: A lot of people (including me) don’t like Chocolate 3.0. When I quit ordering Chocolate, they sent me a free bag of Chocolate Black to try and I don’t like it either. I just don’t like Chocolate Huel, which I never thought I would say about anything chocolate.

So, chocolate is out. Nothing I’ve tried has been able to fix it, except maybe adding a bunch of sugar-loaded cocoa. I don’t mind the vanilla, but it is a little too aggressively vanilla for mixing other flavors into. So I started ordering 1 bag Vanilla and 1 bag U/U and I mix those suckers 1:1 to make something I’m calling Vanilla Lite. I’m pretty happy with the result in terms of flavor. It’s slightly vanilla, but mild enough to add lots of flavors to.

As for the clumping, I haven’t really had a big problem with it, I just throw in a few ice cubes and make sure I shake upside-down to get a gravity assist forcing everything down onto the grid. That works pretty well, and if there’s a clump left, well, the grid keeps it out of my face. I bought a Blender Bottle (the one with the wire ball) and it doesn’t work nearly as well as the Huel branded shaker.

But… I did recently discover the joy of blending my Huel and wow. I’m hooked. I’m shopping for a new blender today so I can do this more.

My new favorite recipe:
2 scoops of Vanilla Lite
1 shot of coffee
SF Irish Cream syrup to taste

OMG. I could drink this every day.