My Experience With 3.0

Hey Everyone - I’m a lapsed Huel user who recently came back to the fold. I bought two bags of 3.0 chocolate and thought I’d share my thoughts.

  1. 3.0 seems like a formula which was developed specifically for blending. When I mix with a blender it’s really good. Texture is smooth with no clumping. The chocolate flavor is less sweet but richer…something I think tastes really good. The old chocolate tasted more like brownie batter and not actual chocolate - whereas this has a much more noticeable accent of cocoa. It also feels slightly thicker (which I like) and…while this might be some kind of weird placebo/psychological thing - I feel like it keeps me fuller for longer than the previous version.

  2. Making 3.0 with the shaker bottle is really a different story. The clumping issues are absolutely real. For the first week I couldn’t for the life of me make a Huel drink that didn’t contain chewable clumps. I tried shaking it every which way…upside down, sideways, diagonally…but I couldn’t smooth it out. Maybe I’m just especially weak but compared to the previous version the clumping was definitely worse. I also find the flavor to be more light-weight when compared to blending. It’s inoffensive but instantly forgettable.

So in the end I’m really happy with 3.0, but only when I blend it. It’s trickier for me to do this at work - where I still rely on human muscle power and the shaker bottle - but maybe with the right arm-workout routine I’ll get enough strength to mix one up without clumps :slight_smile:

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Try shaking using an oscillating movement.

Just kidding. Why not blend one to put in the fridge at work?

I think I’m going to pick-up one of those personal blenders and keep it on my desk at work. That way I’ll be able to go from “that weird guy who’s always shaking things in a giant bottle” at lunch time to “that really weird guy who seems to be randomly running a 300 watt motor in his office during the day”


Actually cracked up

I’ve used the Oster Personal blender for my shakes for years and have been very happy. I believe the bottle holds 20oz.

Great - thanks for the recommendation. I’ll check that one out. I just ordered some Huel Black as part of my next delivery so will be curious to see how it compares in the shaker bottle vs 3.0.