I think I found the fix to the chocolate flavor

I can’t speak for everyone, but based on my experience and that of others’ that I saw, chocolate flavor has 2 main issues:

  1. It is lumpy (regular small lumps in my experience… the size of half a rice grain. I actually don’t mind this)
  2. It is way too sweet. I am sure long term consequences of such quantities of sucralose is not known… and we might be the first genua pigs (apologies for my dumb sense of humor, huel) that this is being tested upon. (I don’t believe this is subjective. The current powder is objectively too sweet. Make a candy out of it. But it is not something to drink for every other meal.)

The fix is simple. I mixed equal quantities of chocolate and unflavored powder. Just shook them together till there was consistency. And surprise, the lumpiness almost vanished on using it. Sweetness was good too. Tone down your flavor, huel!


There’s nothing objective about flavor.

There are people on the forum who think the chocolate doesn’t taste like anything. I’ve been eating Vanilla for a long time, but my first bag of Chocolate is on its way to me now–looking forward to seeing what I think of it!

This is a genius idea, IMHO. I did this with my chocolate/vanilla v3.0 and it is like having a third flavor on my shelf without any extra bags. (I personally don’t mind the sweetness of chocolate v3.0… I have a woefully American palate from growing up on McDonald’s and Coke for every meal as a kid)

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I do that 1 U/U and 1 chocolate or vainilla and cocoa powder!


See, i loved the black vanilla, but the chocolate just tasted odd… So i added some kahlua. Perfect dinner shake :joy:


Decent idea, will have to try that for sure! The chocolate taste is okay IMO, but the clumping is not.

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