Vanilla Hol Complete Nutrition

I saw an ad for a product today. Something about it just seems very familiar to me…


Jokes on them, though. Rice flour has about the same glycemic index as Maltodextrin. White rice is GI of almost 90. Plus 9 grams of sugar per 400 calorie dose, which prorates to 11 grams per 500 calorie serving (the vanilla is even more). So that’s a total of 55 grams of fast digesting starches and sugars per 500 calorie serving.

They claim the product to be “vegetarian friendly”. Do vegetarians usually drink cow milk?

Oh, and at the very end of the list if ingredients, they list Sucralose for the chocolate and “artificial flavors” for the vanilla. Which contradicts their first page where they say “no artificial sweeteners”. I guess they assume people won’t read both pages.

Well, like my GF in college once told me after sex: you get an A for effort

Don’t misunderstand me. There’s nothing wrong with this product. It’s perfectly safe for consumption. I eat rice a few tims a week. I use lactaid milk for my Huel. And, heck, it might taste pretty good with all that sugar. But from the pure ingredients list, it can’t compete with Huel. This seems more an old-school Carnation Instant Breakfast that kids eat.


Says no artificial sweeteners but lists sucralose on the ingredient list.

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I would jump in, but it looks like you awesome Huelers got it covered.