Huel Ready-to-drink is here …

…well, nearly!

Huel Ready-to-drink is available for pre-order now in two great flavors: Berry and Vanilla.

We’ve been hinting about Huel RTD for some time: indeed, we’ve been developing it for over 2 years!

Huel RTD is not powdered Huel in a bottle but it is nutritionally complete with a great macronutritional profile, complete protein, soluble and insoluble fiber, essential fats, phytonutrients, and more. The main ingredients are oats, tapioca, pea protein, brown rice flour, flaxseed, canola oil, MCTs from coconut, and sunflower lecithin.

Each bottle of Huel RTD has 400 calories, 20g of complete protein and at least 20% of the RDA for each vitamin and mineral. It’s also vegan and gluten-free.

We’ve also had our own bottle designed and produced which is made from 25% recycled plastic and is 100% recyclable. Read our article Why our Huel Ready-to-drink uses plastic.

Read more detailed information on the ingredients and see the nutritional breakdown here.


Yaaaassss! :tada:

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Firstly, thanks for putting these in recyclable bottles. I’m already feeling better about it. Most people should have some kind of access to recycle bins or dropoffs somewhere, so that should alleviate any environmental concerns.

The formula looks comparable to a reconstituted OG Huel powder formulation. They probably cannot be identical due to shelf life issues or whatnot. But, still it seems like it’s based on the principles that OG Huel was built on. Balanced nutrition. A complete food. Not giving into fads or weird “superfood” crazes. Not advertised as a weight loss product. All that good stuff.

I wonder if this might be less “gritty” than the OG powder and might be an option for those put off with this feature. Although I’ve gotten so used to Huel I don’t notice grit.

I really hope this expands your business and opens Huel up to a segment of the market that was put off by a powdered formulation or wants a really really easy way to get a balanced meal. ALthough to me, OG Huel is already pretty easy.

None the less, I will probably not preorder. Main reason is that I need more than what one bottle provides for my evening meal, so the unit doses you offer just can’t fit my specific needs. Secondly, where’s the peanut butter? I needs my PB!!! So, I’ll just keep on trucking with OG Huel and my blender. Besides, I’d rather the limited pre-order supply go to someone who really wants a RTD product. But I really do hope this RTD formulation brings in new Huelers.

It’s just unfortunate that one of the ingredients listed is “rapeseed”. It’s apparently a major source of vegetable oil in modern foods. You’d think someone could come up with a better name.

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Is it impossible to replace my monthly delivery product from powder to drink?

Hi Ayumu! You can subscribe to the Ready-to-drink and cancel your powder subscription if that’s what you’d prefer. Send me a message if you need assistance or reach out to our team at :+1:

Hi Teresa.when I try to edit my monthly order, I have no choice to switch the product from powder to drink. When I go to poge of the drinks, the order just go to shopping cart separately. Those will be merged when I go little farther?

It can be a little confusing, but we can take care of this for you, no worries! What would you like your subscription switched to? How many cases (12 bottles each) and what flavor?


Thank you for your email.

Can I have one case of Vanilla flavor instead of powder?

Thank you.


The formula has a few changes, particularly in the macronutrient distribution, that make it quite different to Huel Powder, tbh. Ingredient-wise there are some differences as well, so I would say they differ a fair bit (although you can see some Huel trademarks, e.g. no soy).

Macronutrient difference:

% energy from Fats Prot Carbs
Powder 30 30 37+3
Bars 22 25 42+12
Granola 26 26 42+6
RTD 42 20 35+3

I think you can clearly see that is an outlier, particularly in how much protein it has (low for HUel) and the amount of fats in the drink. I would assume this is, at least, partially due to problems on making it durable.

Ingredient wise, you have tapioca starch (i guess substituting some oats to thicken the mixture), chicory root fiber, brown rice flour (although not the same, Huel P uses brown rice protein), which are “new” ingredients. Also, there is no sunflower oil when comparing to Huel P.

As an RTD, this will definitely not be gritty but smooth. For instance, it’s not oats, but oat powder.

I think this is true. It will also make Huel easier to sell on retail, and people to get started. It opens both new consumers and new opportunities for Huel to partner with distributors. So, it is an economical (growth) move.

Regarding the whole recycling issue. I think it’s complicated. There are many layers to it. I would recommend you reading the Huel UK forum where the discussion is a little more extended.

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Just to expand on

Huel Powder is 40C/30P/30F

Here are some RTDs:

A 38/19/43
B 35/20/44
C 31/28/41
D 54/13/33
E 34/23/43
F 38/20/42

Which one is Huel?

A= Soylent
D=Plenny Drink
E=Jake Drink
F= Huel

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I can’t forget this scene whenever I see a single-use plastic bottle. Regardless of the bottles being recyclable, a lot of them will end up in the rivers. It takes 5 people an hour to pull these bottles out of the river.

HI @Deron - thanks for your comments.

Rapeseed oil was a deliberate choice as it’s a great oil providing omega-3s and monounsaturates. Just because it’s in some ‘bad’ foods, doesn’t mean it’s ‘bad’.

Plastic bottles aren’t the cause of this. The cause is idiot humans that can’t be bothered to “Pack your trash”, a mantra I was taught back in the '60s when I was a Boy Scout. Like many other ills in our modern world, it’s easier to blame an inanimate object than the idiot humans littering up the place.

Sorry for the rant, it’s not directed an anyone in particular. (Unless you’re one of the idiot humans doing stuff like in @yoursunny’s picture. )



Totally hear you, Junxiao. As part of our core principles is to reduce food waste, we truly spent a great deal of time and energy on the packaging for Huel Ready-to-drink. In order to protect the nutrients from degrading, we needed to use unique technical specifications. This reduces rancidity which minimizes food waste, but we know we can do better and we promise to continue working diligently on improving this. :+1:

@JamesCollier, I think @Deron was more referring to the name, "rape"seed, and not the issue of it being a bad ingredient. First impressions count and here jn the US, we probably think rapeseed is something Bill Cosby would use or make.


OK, I think you guys refer to it as canola oil over in the USA. Rapeseed is what we call it in the UK.

I’ll edit my post!

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We just need to remove the first e and call it “rapseed”. Now, we’ve just turned it around into something positive… and fly… yo