New Vanilla after 1 year on Original

As a background, I enjoy anything vanilla and do not have very strong dislikes when it comes to food in general. After experimenting with the unflavored, unsweetened Huel for a very brief bit, I have stayed with the Original for a year and on an average, Huel constitutes a meal and a half each day - has been a big part of managing my type 2 diabetes. I do not add anything additional to my Huel -just 31/2 scoops and I enjoy the taste.

So I had a pretty open mind when I got the email about the new vanilla and voluntarily changed my subscription to try it out. Boy was it a let down - The flavor is overpowering and just not palatable. I am struggling through my 3 bag of my 4 bag subscription - I have to dunk a substantial amount of cinnamon powder to mask the taste, which I hate to do.

I have switched the subscription back to the original, but honestly it is a little disappointing to see that the original might go away.

I have seen posts from Huel saying that we cannot satisfy everyone, but honestly that is not a great answer. I am reasonably sure a lot has been said about this topic - but Huel - submitting a request to you guys to reconsider your stand on the original…


I agree with the sentiment. It would be nice to have both. I don’t mind the new vanilla as a standalone, but it doesn’t blend well at all with anything.

For the most part the sentiment from Huel on this board has been “too bad, so sad”, which is disappointing.


They still have yet to explain why they can’t offer both like they do in the UK… The insult to injury is that there was no warning that the new “vanilla” (in quotes because I don’t taste any vanilla, only a weird and overpowering taste) would be replacing the Original.

Yes, please do reconsider. There’s not enough flavors as is and no longer a vanilla option for many of us…


The original vanilla is still up for sale. It hasn’t gone away yet, and I’m sure if US loses it, UK will too at some point.