Vanilla - bags w/ black sides VS all white?

I have 2 boxes of Huel that are each good for a full month of 100%, but I just ran into a weird issue. I’ve been using Vanilla, and have generally been pretty satisfied, but today when I tried one of my new bags I had a lot of difficulty stomaching it. It tasted distinctly different, especially in the aftertaste. I checked the bags, since I have accidentally received U/U in the past, and the bags say Vanilla, but the pouch sides are colored black, as opposed to the all white bags I’m used to. Has there been a recent update to the formula, or is this a mislabeling?

EDIT: forgot to mention that 1 of the boxes is entirely all white bags and the other box is entirely black sided bags

  1. Black color is just the new packaging for all new Huel. Regardless if it’s Vanilla or Unflavored:
  1. Another user reported a difference in taste for his Vanilla Huel he just got. There’s a possible mis-labeling:

Curious. What is the lot number of the bag that tasted different? I wonder if it’s the same as @Kyle_B ? Does it have a vanilla smell in the bag or does it have no odor at all? Does it taste like sand in water with no sweetness at all?

Lot # = 93811

The bag smells Vanilla-y, and the taste starts pretty similar to normal but then quickly turns into something rancid that lingers for a bit.

So that’s a no on there being a new formula?

Also, I was about to open up 1 of my all white bags to compare the smell (just to make sure it did smell Vanilla-y) and realized the whole shipment of all white bags was U/U lol. It’s been a while since I received it, not sure if I can still return it

I’ve been experiencing the same thing with my last order which sported the new black-sided packaging. My bags (lot #93921, Vanilla (US) v1.0) smell of vanilla and have an okay initial taste with a less than pleasant after-taste. I’ve only gotten one mouthful that could be described as ‘rancid’ (so far)… and the more I let it sit after mixing, the less pronounced the some-what bitter, unappealing after-taste.

I was just hoping I’d gotten a badly mixed batch for this order (because I can power through two bags of this) and that the next batch would return to the much more palatable pleasant flavor, regardless of packaging. If this is a new formula, change in production/storage processes, or due to lower quality materials now being used, my hopes might be a bit dashed.

I plan to give it one more try after this batch, but if this is the new norm, I think I might be shopping around for other options. :disappointed:

Hmm, I’ll have to try letting it sit to see how that affects things, I’m used to preparing and drinking Huel on the spot because I don’t like how it seems to thicken when left to sit, but maybe the new batch needs it

Hmm. That’s 3 people reporting a significant change in flavor of the Vanilla Huel from new batches. You might want to consider emailing the support for Huel to let them know what you taste.

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I kind of assumed they look over these forums for things like this, but I’ll be sure to send an email soon. Gonna try a few different things (opening a new bag, shaking up the bags, letting it sit, etc.) to see if this issue is consistent or not first.

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It’s usally just users.

@Alex_Huel you may want to see this. This is the second thread on this, with 3 different people reporting a significant change in taste of their new bags.


Good news, letting it sit for a few hours in the fridge seems to have worked reasonably well (shaking up the bag before mixing didn’t seem to do anything). The taste is still a little different (and worse) than usual, but definitely palatable without the weird aftertaste.

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You wish UU was like sand in water …

but I like it with nothing added. (Or only what I add)

@Deron - Just responded to your post through my original thread. I’m sad to see that others are seeing/tasting the same thing, because the flavor boosts do literally nothing for the taste any more. Here was my response below:

Sorry for the late response… I just tried the second unopened bag and it had the same repulsive taste. I’ll unfortunately have to toss both out at this point, as I can’t drink them. The first one that I forced myself to down a week ago had upset my stomach.

As far as the smell, I didn’t notice a vanilla sent in either bag in any way. Unfortunately I never thought to smell the last bags that I received, so I have no comparison :frowning:

Are the batch numbers the Lot numbers on the back of the bags? If so, they’re both 93867. Is anyone able to shed some light on why these taste so insanely different???

(I apologize, not sure how to get my actual post to link)

Daang. This is rather worrying. Be sure to email the support email so they can track it. I don’t think anyone from the company is reading all these threads on the forum. They outsource some of their ingredients, and it is entirely possible some food ingredients are not fresh in some batches.

Just emailed support and referenced my thread and this one. I’ll update everyone as soon as they respond.


@Kyle_B thanks for sending the email, I got caught up with other things and forgot