New Huel Huel Powder Pouches Design

Hey guys, I’m sure many of you have noticed already we have updated the design for Huel Powder Pouches.

Huel pouches will maintain the same dimension but will now feature black panels.

What do you think of the new design? Drop your feedback below :slight_smile:


It does look a bit cooler.

If I’m honest though, the look of the packaging has never been a factor in my decision to purchase huel. It might be for other people though.

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It looks about the same as before. The look of your packaging has always been simple and easy to read. And the packages themselves have been very durable so far. They stand up easy. And the best part of the packing is that they “69 each other” as a pair in the shipping box, head to toe. Makes it more compact to ship them.

But it’s good that you let us know. Some of us assumed the new black side packages were specific for gluten free, but as it turns out it’s for every Huel flavor and lineup.

The most important change you made to your packaging (a while back) was to put the lot and shelf date (expiration date) and weight of the packages printed on the outside. The pharmacist in me was pleased to see this :slight_smile:


Looks cool, but you know, whatever.

Two words… Comic sans


The only improvement to Huel pouches I would be interested in would me ones that are more environmentally friendly eg more easily recyclable or biodegradable etc

But you can fully recycle the pouches.

I like it. I’d like it even more if the panels were color-coded to correspond with the flavor, but the minimalism is cool too. Definitely digging the Helvetica, plays well with my inner 70s child.

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