The new black bags

Is there anybody that has had a good experience with their huel in the new bags? I have 8 bags on the way and I want to make sure Im not going to have a bad experience. I really enjoy huel the way that it is, I hope there wasnt a recipe change

Just being honest on my recent experience, as well as with some others… please keep in mind that there are a few that don’t mind, but here is a link to two recent threads.

I’ve just contacted support as I’m not the only one with this concern, and I’ll be updating everyone via the second link, 2333, as soon as I get a response from them on if we got a bad batch or if the formula actually changed.

@BobC3, I am new to Huel but all 4 bags I have received have been the new with black sides. I do not have a reference for the previous but I have thoroughly enjoyed mine (light vanilla oatmeal taste without any other ingredients added). Second order received shortly after the complaints started to arise on forums so I assume would be same batch or close to it.


I noticed a slight difference but nothing as dramatic as some others have claimed, I also put a few coffee grounds in my Huel usually, so that may be overpowering any taste changes