So happy with Huel Black!

I’ve tried both the chocolate and the vanilla. As expected, both flavors are much less sweet than 1.1 and there is no cloying artificial aftertaste.

Compared to chocolate 1.1 (which I didn’t like), to me this tastes much richer and deeper. Just so much more chocolate. I mix it in a blender, and the texture is just fine.

The vanilla reminds me of a lightly flavored U/U. I love this…it’s exactly what I tried to make myself with U/U with much less success. And I can add fruit if I wish without making the shake too sweet. The texture of the vanilla seems a bit thicker than the chocolate.

Due to the higher protein (I’m assuming), this version keeps me satisfied for about an hour longer than 1.1. Yesterday I had one at 11:30am, started getting a little hungry at 4pm, but had no problem waiting until 5pm to eat again.

Overall, a very positive experience and I hope we will see a Berry Huel Black in the near future.


Agree with the chocolate assessment. I still do 50/50 with the unflavored, but chocolate black plus a banana is my new favorite “dessert” huel.


Thank you for the information. I might be returning as a subscriber and was wondering about this one.

I am new to Huel so I don’t have the advantage of using the previous versions. I started on Huel Black and I have been pleasantly surprised with the taste. I was expecting the worst. It has been good. I used some of the recopies or hacks I saw here and in the videos like adding banana, adding a dash of cinnamon, and adding coffee to the chocolate one. It tastes much better than any other shakes I have tried in the past.

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I have tried every version of Huel to date and Huel Black is what I have been wanting and waiting for. The flavor profile is excellent for both vanilla and chocolate, better than tge sucralose version IMHO. Also for me this stuff is much easier to digest without the bloating I get from regular Huel. I have two bags of UU 3.0 that I will be mixing in so to use it up but after that I will be consuming Huel Black exclusively.

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The Black is significantly smaller than my last purchase of vanilla. How many fewer meals are there? I don’t have the old bag to compare.

Thanks for the help.

A serving of black is 90g, and a serving of v3.0 is 100g (black has more fat and fewer carbs, and fat has more calories, so this makes sense). Both have the same amount of servings–approximately 17, so the black should weigh 170g less than v3.0. If I got all the numbers correct, anyway.

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Put berries in your vanilla – that’s way tastier than Huel’s berry flavor :smiley:

Thank you.

That makes sense. I just didn’t understand how there could be a larger scoop, smaller bag, and the same number of servings.

Thank you for that. My other question is, is the older version of vanilla still available, or did it get discontinued?


Old vanilla is gone but I do think that Huel Black vanilla is close and certainly better IMO than 3.0 vanilla.

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Just started using huel Black - I really like the texture on this one. It starts off a bit lumpy, but if I let it sit for a bit after shaking (at room temp) - the clumps dissolve and the texture reminds me of slightly watered down pudding cups. I don’t hate it. The flavor kind of reminds me of the powdered drinks people give kids who aren’t getting enough nutrition from their food (like ensure or ovaltine). I feel like the chocolate is like a chocolate imitation, but I also feel that its a deeper, richer flavor than the standard huel chocolate flavor…

I’ve been liking black a lot so far. I’m ok with the taste of the vanilla and chocolate, haven’t had too too much trouble with lumps, etc. Have found I don’t feel tired after having it at lunch.

However, I’m running into the dreaded reflux issue that I originally had with Huel 1.1 and caused me to discontinue using it. I was hoping it was an oats or sucralose issue since Black doesn’t have either of those. Similarly to original Huel, I was fine at first (besides some minor gas and such as my body adjusted) but got increasing reflux as the weeks went on (I’ve been having it mostly twice a day and am almost through 4 bags total now).

Been managing with ranitadine (Zantac) and some Tums, but I know that can get less effective over time. Was tempted to try omeprazole but as someone pointed out in another thread, seems extreme to use a PPI over a particular food choice. This morning I tried mixing in half a tsp of baking soda and didn’t like the extra salty taste much and I don’t think it helped much (though I should try it for longer to be sure).

I’m thinking next steps more water before starting to drink, go from 90g to 70g, maybe try to drink a little slower (I’m not gulping it, but takes like 10-15 mins to have it all right now), and maybe try the Florastor probiotic someone else mentioned. And try to get some RTD bottles to see if those agree more (though it’s almost twice as expensive and a lot of plastic to go through).

Just annoying since I’ve felt great besides the reflux and has been easy to stick with drinking it since I don’t mind the taste.

I’m really sorry to hear this. To avoid significant reflux episodes we’d recommend:

  • Blend Huel well with plenty of water in a blender rather than using the shaker
  • Sip Huel - 2 scoops should take half an hour to consume
  • Do not consume hot beverages around the same time as you consume Huel

I’m really happy with Huel Black. I mix it with some additional protein powder and water enhancer (e.g. MiO). The favor and consistency is fine - no problems there. I think Huel Black is a welcome improvement and a step forward.

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Thanks for these tips. I never considered that chugging 400 calories in 20 seconds might be a bad idea. I’m going to try to make one bottle last a bit longer and see what the results are.


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