Positive post for v3.1 😃

I personally had gone away from the regular Huel Powder as some of the recent changes had caused some digestive issues for me. I have been a Huel consumer for more than 5 years all the way back to v1.0. For me, v3.1 feels like Huel has secretly gone back to v1.0. :joy: But in a very good way! I don’t know if it was the probiotics, acerola cherry, kombucha, or something else but immediately after those were added the digestive problems began. Tried to push through to adjust but it just wasn’t happening for me. Got away from Huel completely for a while and tried many of the offshoot varieties (Black, Essential, Instant Meals, Instant Cups, etc.) but nothing was like v1.0. To me, v3.1 seems to be back to what I loved in v1.0. Digestion is much better, gas is still there from the increased fiber but not the noxious gas I had from v3.0. Virtually zero clumping just from hand mixing in shaker bottle. Other versions always had clumps in the bottom. I know others have had texture issues and flavor issues but for me it’s been a welcome reset. I know all won’t agree but I’m happy with the change.


So glad you’re enjoying the updates, @kris4183 !:hugs: