Looking to get back into Huel. Is V3 really as bad as it sounds?

Hey everyone! I used huel back in 2017 when it was first hitting the market in the US and really enjoyed the convenience with my sedentary work and crazy shift schedule, but it seems the newer version of Huel isn’t hitting off like it should.

I want raw feedback from users both v3.0 and BE, how does it taste? Do you still stay with Huel or was this a huge deal breaker?

Would love to get back into Huel but $80 for some bags needs to be justified in order for me to become a returning customer.

Thank you

Hey. Came in on Huel 2 months before V1 turned into V3…I preferred the former, but the latter isn’t really any different.

Operative word there; ‘different’. V3 isn’t bad, or as bad as I’ve heard people make it out to be, but the flavor and consistency is different.

V3 mixes smoother and tastes a little sweeter. If that’s not your thing, I preferred the oatier taste of V1, what I do is experiment with anything that I can mix with my shake. Check out the recipes.

One of my favorites is chocolate Huel, PB, banana, an egg, spinach, strawberries, and blueberries. End up with a rich, densely packed with nutrients, shake that carries me from breakfast into the early afternoon.

My next order will have a few flavors of the bars in sample form. I’ll update after I try those. I’m on the fence about trying H&S. Might throw in a bag on my next order, too. Have not tried the BE yet as I don’t need extra proteins that I’m not already taking in by what I add to my shakes.

Overall V3 is still Huel with a sweeter profile. Heard that kombucha was added for probiotic benefits, which has caffeine, if that goes against your diet or regular consumption. I’d stay with ordering the regular bags first to see if you wanted to bump up to the next level of BE. Experiment. Try using different base liquids, combinations.

Ya, I’m going to try the H&S on my next order. I’ll update on both the bars and that when my order arrives.

Alright :wink::ok_hand:

Thanks so much for the raw feedback. Definitley gonna grab 2 bags of Huel v3. I dont mind the small caffeine content and shouldn’t mind the probiotic benefit either. I could use some better gut health in general.

I didn’t understand what all the uproar over v3 was all about. I thought it was fine.
But now i just mess with the black edition. I like it better than the “regular” edition.
The black edition flavors are pretty good. I haven’t tried the brand new chocolate and vanilla flavors yet, but of the others, Coffee Caramel is my favorite, and peanut butter is pretty good too.


I was a little hesitant to try V3 as well (after only ever having V1), but I recently took the plunge, and I’m satisfied! Vanilla is definitely on the sweeter side, but still good. I prefer original though, which is more similar to the “vanilla” flavor of V1. I also am really enjoying the new peanut butter flavor, that might be my favorite actually!

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Thank you everyone for your input. I took the plunge again and decided on the V3 in Vanilla and original flavor that way I can tweak it and add some coffee to it for a delicious breakfast on the go.

Really stoked to see how my energy levels will be and hitting the gym for the first time in months. Also managed to snag 2 free bottles of ready to drink v 1.0 in vanilla and chocolate

I can’t eat it. Taste is trash and it hurts my stomach since they added the kombucha/probiotics. I bought as much stock of the older formula as I could but since they don’t sell it anymore I’m no longer a customer.

@apocalysque Have you tried any of the recipes posted here in the forums?!
There’s an entire SECTION devoted to customer’s ingenuity when it comes to using Huel and the many variants that they’ve conjured up so they can enjoy Huel…even more!?
Check out the Recipes tab. Bet you’ll get hooked. (try one of my recipes)

I have been using huel since the first US version. I like 3.0 just as much as the original. I think the people that hate it but claim to have loved original are either lying or are extremely picky/hard to please.

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I’ve never tried V1, but I like V3 just fine. The vanilla flavor doesn’t mix particularly well compared to the berry (though that could be user error too as I’m a newbie at this…though others have said the same thing).

It’s about what I expected for a “meal in a glass” anyway, none of them are exactly gourmet.

V3 is definitely not bad as it sounds…at least to me. After being on it for so long, I don’t mind it at all. And using a Blender Bottle™ I have no problems with clumps.

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