V3.0 is destroying my digestion

I ordered 3.0 along with a couple of bags of 1.1, just in case. I didn’t expect there to be problems for me regarding taste/texture/clumping because I add quite a few ingredients and use a blender. The problem I’m having is MUCH worse.

Every time I make the 3.0, I am crippled by nausea and diarrhea the next day. I’ve tested this by switching back to 1.1 for a few days then trying 3.0 again (yesterday was the third time I tried it). I suspect the cause to be the probiotics because I’ve never been able to tolerate them, but I can’t really be sure. For reference, I’ve always used UU.

If the new ingredients are not removed, I’m going to be making my own. Really sad about this as a user for about two years. Unfortunately I can’t just not drink a liquid meal replacement because I have a sort of dysphagia.

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This can be normal for probiotics, you have to use them consistently for a month or two so your body gets used to them. I have IBS and when trying probiotics for three months it actually made me constipated. My doctor told me to get off probiotics and to add more fiber my diet (Benefiber to my Huel) and it improved drastically. Sadly I will be leaving Huel once they run out of 1.1 and hoping Idealshape’s IdealShake works for me.

Right, I know they can cause various digestive issues. I have somewhat tolerated Align in the past in an attempt to help my own IBS. But the nausea that comes with the strain in Huel 3.0 is a catastrophe. I’m talking 24mg of zofran over the course of 24 hours. There is no way in hell I could drink 3.0 two days in a row. Now, I can’t be sure it’s the probiotic or the kombucha, but Huel is an absolute dumpster fire of a product now.

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I’m really sorry to hear this. For now, I would suggest stopping consuming Huel. We do have some v1.1 pouches on the outlet page so you can order that for now.

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