Huel 3.0 for people with IBS

As someone with IBS Huel 3.0 will probably not work at all for me specifically. Probiotics will cause massive constipation for me. Last time I took a pill with a similar dosage (I took them for 3 months) my bowel regularity was once every 4 days. I lost almost 5 pounds when I went to the bathroom each time. I feel like with how unnecessary Probiotcs can be for people this was a mistake to add them into 3.0. I know I won’t be spending $75 to do a trial run.

There are so many different probiotic strains with different effects. Completely understand if you don’t want to risk it with v3.0 though.

I’m not sure how V3.0 will set with me because I haven’t tried it yet , but I can say my doctor has actually prescribed probiotics and I have IBS . It was one of the reasons I was drawn to Huel because it seemed to make sense to get all the things I need in one place than to have to buy all kinds of products. I have been happy with Huels ongoing efforts to make vital improvements. I suffer immensely when I don’t drink huel regularly.

A clip I figured I would pass on , it can maybe help .

Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)

A small studyTrusted Source of people with IBS looked at the effects of B. coagulans for IBS symptoms. These included abdominal pain, diarrhea, and constipation. All three symptoms were significantly improved in participants who were given a synbiotic that contained B. coagulans versus a placebo.

So my doctor told me to stop taking probiotics because of its reverse effects. She also said the three months was more then enough time for it to completely change my gut health in a positive or negative way. Once I stopped taking probotics I became regular again with the aid of a half dose of Dicyclomine. My biggest worry of course with 3.0 is taking something with probotics again and it causing so much issues again.

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