Throaty/swallowy issues with 3.0 - have been a long time user

Hey folks. Have been a regular HUELigan since 2017. Maybe one shake every other day for about three years and loving the convenience.

With version 3.0, I am now experiencing throaty/swallowy issues a day or so after consuming a shake. Feels like minor irritation/swelling. Can’t clear my throat sort of feeling.

It’s definitely the HUEL. I’ve done an extensive food rotation/avoidance to find the culprit… always the same result. All foods are fine except the HUEL.

I suppose it is possible to develop an allergy to any food which is consumed long-term, but the fact that this issue developed precisely with the release of v3.0 is telling. Has happened with unflavored & original v3.0 from separate batches.

And that sucks. :confused: Anyone else?

Never tried 3.0 but have you tried Huel Black?

Good suggestion… but alas, I am allergic to green tea.

Green tea and black tea both come from the same plant. You are probably experiencing an allergic reaction to the kombucha tea powder that is in 3.0.

That could likely be it although I believe the amount of kombucha is rather modest and barely significant (although I could be wrong).

Getting tested for allergies is so important… I developed a shellfish allergy in my late teenage years which resulted in a trip to the hospital. Lesson learned!

Aha… the kombucha is a definite possibility. I don’t consume it so I wouldn’t know for certain. I do know that I can handle black tea, but for some reason green tea doesn’t treat me well.

shrug… oh well. I hope they come up with a tea-free or “low allergy” product in the future. Wanna get back on the HUEL train! :slight_smile:

There is a small amount of kombucha. The kombucha is made with tea so that is probably the source of your issues. Allergies are super sensitive!

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Please consider a tea-free/allergy sensitive version in the future. I’m not allergic to common irritants in general (pollen, nuts, etc.) but the tea exclusion can be fairly annoying with so many all-in-one vitamin supplements and nutritional products now including it.

I’m going to start a new political action committee: Save Tea Time For Tea Time!

Ha ha. I’ll stay tuned for tea-free version… hopefully.

I believe RTD does not have Kombucha.

RTD? Pardon… not familiar with that acronym.

OH! Ready To Drink. Well… the environmental impact makes that not an option unfortunately. But good eye!

Apologies, Ready to Drink.

Just thinking of alternative solutions… How about Hot and Savoury?