Probiotics make Huel undrinkable for me

I’ve been a Huel user for a couple of years, and it’s been a fantastic way to get quick, easy, balanced nutrition and fiber as someone who has mild IBD (and is currently in remission).

Sadly, I will have to stop buying Huel because of the addition of probiotics in 3.0. I was worried when I first heard about it, because past attempts at using both OTC and prescription probiotics have caused intense bloating, discomfort, and even pain. Sure enough, Huel 3.0 causes the same thing. I even tried cutting back to a single half-serving in the mornings, and I still experience stomach discomfort not long afterwards that lasts for hours. If I drink a full serving during the day, I’ll have trouble sleeping at night because of bloating and trapped gas, to the point that it makes me worry it’s triggering a flare. I’ve done some elimination testing over the last few weeks to make sure it’s Huel and not just some quirk of my disease, and it unquestionably is the former.

Probiotics are powerful things, but they’re also little understood and highly individualized. They can cause problems as much as they solve them. Please, please consider a version without them. I can’t keep taking Huel if they remain, because it physically hurts me to do so.


Sorry to hear that, man. I’ve had the complete opposite experience. Since introducing my body to the probiotic blend, my heartburn has disappeared and my bowel movements are clockwork. I started by adding yogurt to my 2.0 shake but now, no need. Speaking of which, probiotics have been around since 5000 B.C. In ancient Indian records, probiotic foods were is called “the food of the gods”. I’d say Huel is the modern equivalent.